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Fraternal grudges in the PP primaries

The escalation of reproaches between Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and Pablo Casado triggers the alarm in the PP

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Fraternal grudges in the PP primaries

Rafael Hernando, spokesman in Congress, and Ana Pastor, President of Chamber, made Celestines and seated Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and Pablo Casado at same table during "Summer Dinner" of PP, Tuesday night in Madrid. The party took care of distributing n some pictures in which y were seen toger and very smiling. But truce lasted what dinner: three hours of pecking with cheese, Russian salad, croquettes and tuna ceviche. "This calls to Commissioners to remember who has put m is just what must be eradicated from politics," said Deputy secretary following morning in an interview with journalist Federico Jiménez Losantos, which refers to Vice-president Like "The Murder Girl." It's war. They fly knives and in PP, rookie in primaries, y are "horrified". The level of public confrontation of candidates begins to resemble much fiercely of PSOE or we can in ir respective processes to elect leader.

charges for all. In candidacy of married accuse one of Sáenz de Santamaría of "to promise same charge to several people and to say that, if he wins, he will throw m out". The Deputy secretary of PP, as in his day Pedro Sánchez, is presented as candidate of bases in front of apparatus, that organic structure of power that all refuse in primaries. "I have never been in apparatus," Exvice-president was unmarked. She speaks of "generosity" and has suggested that she would give former charge of Cospedal, that is, General Secretariat, but married wants to play until end. "I don't know how to say it anymore: I've introduced myself to be president."

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War of figures. Both candidacies claim to be winning. In married talk about support of 2,150 commissioners (vote 3,184) with a "small bag of errors or changes." Santamaría denies major: "We cannot add," he replied when he was presented with Secretary's accounts. "There's some magic. Maybe y take surprises, "he added. The former vice-president also denies that result of first round of voting can be considered, as his rival says, "a technical tie" (he pulled 1,558 votes, ie a 2.68% advantage), insists that he won in middle of constituencies and recalls that Vote of affiliates does not necessarily coincide with that of Commissioners (who have last word in Congress of July 20 and 21).

lack of neutrality. The candidacy of married ensures that in direction of PP not all are respecting neutrality. "He is doing an excellent campaign," y said with irony of a member of dome to which y place close to Sáenz de Santamaría. Rajoy did not want to go to summer dinner of PP.

women, men and vice versa. The applicants to throne of PP have entered into that phase of party in which y refer to uncomfortable character as "that Lord or Lady"; Now, "that candidacy you're talking about." Annoyed with idea of pact with Cospedal for an anti-Soraya block, Sáenz de Santamaría stated: "To play divide between ladies to see if it is hollow I do not like. We ladies have behaved exemplarily, rar more than some gentlemen. " Here he spoke of married, but especially of José Manuel García Margallo, man who was imposed as a mission "do everything possible" for candidacy of Vice-President did not go ahead (had 688 votes of 58,304). Some of support of Cospedal team, however, have been passed to married couple, as Minister of Agriculture Isabel García Tejerina, who this Thursday clos deputy secretary in a campaign event in Valladolid, along with Alfonso Fernandez Mañueco.

One of strong ideas of Santamaría's campaign is that president of PP and government must be "a woman." It has slipped that in its day it was not well received in party — "They called me novice" — but it is now different and that change has to be consolidated "after having endured for years lessons of left on equality". "63% of affiliates have voted for a woman: María Dolores [de Cospedal] and me. Spain needs a woman to be president, "he repeats. "A woman has to be president... or not," replies Casado. "Being a woman is not a merit. If you buy that gender is a plus you don't honor our principles. "

youth or "backpack". Since candidacy of Santamaría says " lack of experience" of married, of 37 years, and suggest that it pretends to arrive before time to popular throne. "Those who ask for a discussion of ideas have no idea," y say. The Exvice-President thus justified his opposition to a public duel: "Personally, I could very well discuss with married, contrast experience. I have discussed with Rubalcaba, with De la Vega, with Albert Rivera... [More difficult dialectic rivals to judgement of his team], but I have to think of PP and confrontation between companions only helps PSOE. " Married asks to confront models because he-like Aznar-does see necessary an ideological rearmament in party. It insists that it is not "so young" and that, in any case, better youth than "backpacks", in allusion to errors of management in past. "Voters want people without backpacks, with political leadership. Politics is not a marathon, it's a relay race. I belong to a generation that is already in forefront of or parties or chairing five European Union governments. "

operation dialogue. Catalonia is very present in this campaign. It serves to attack Pedro Sanchez for meeting with Torra, but also to Santamaría. The candidacy of married criticizes that while it lasted operation dialogue of Vice-president could not "put a foot" re. In Santamaría's team y reproach him for not complaining when y were in government. "The last bull is very easy to talk about, but to which independentism put a complaint was to me," she retorted, who has hardened tone: "Sanchez cannot go giving away Spain to pieces"; "Aparid is practiced in Catalonia...".

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