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General Sanz against the police Villarejo: Duel without Barracks in the heart of the state

The manager of the secret services is the Black beast of the curator who recorded the intimate friend of Juan Carlos I

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General Sanz against the police Villarejo: Duel without Barracks in the heart of the state

The director of National Intelligence Center (CNI), General Félix Sanz Roldán, aged 73, and retired curator José Manuel Villarejo, 66, have never seen faces. They could have done this Tuesday, when y first went to court of instruction number 48 in Madrid to ratify complaint that prosecution has filed against second. The police officer was quoted as investigating but sent a medical report from prison where, since November, he has been remanded in custody for crimes of cofaction, money laundering and criminal organization.

Although y are not known personally, veteran general has become black beast of expolice who, under governments of different colors, has known to swim in sewers of state and to store clos of a business emporium that has entered more than 20 million of Euros in two decades.

The director of CNI ratifies prosecutor's complaint against Commissioner

The ex-Police and Corinna coincide in ir aversion to chief of Spies

He showed it when, a year ago, he decided to abandon anonymity, so convenient in his office, and appear in a program of maximum audience, bran of Jordi Évole, to try to get rid of judicial investigations that already surrounded him launching a torrent of Insinuations and threats. He did not have a word of reproach for his political chief, Minister of Interior Jorge Fernandez Díaz, for whom he worked, in framework of so-called Operation Catalunya, collecting ammunition, even if it were damaged, against Pujol clan and independence leaders. Instead, he dedicated all kinds of epits — softest, "Generalissimo" — to Sanz Roldán, who he accused, in se and or statements, of setting up a brol next to Congress to blackmail deputies, steal reserved funds or threaten Corinna zu's death Sayn-Wittgenstein, intimate friend of King Juan Carlos.

Nobody had talked until n of se alleged coercions and affected itself had not denounced m, but on June 11, in recordings disseminated by various digital media, it was possible to hear his voice assuring that Sanz poured threats against his life and that of ir children. The version that German-Danish lobbyist had offered to journalist Ana Romero about meeting she held with Sanz at luxurious Connaught Hotel in London in June 2012, two months after rugged hunting of Botswana, was much less forceful: Sanz le He said "that he had on his shoulders responsibility of 45 million of Spaniards" and asked "discretion" to avoid problems to her and her family.

The PNV supports Committee of inquiry

The PNV announced yesterday its support for petition registered on Monday we can, ERC, PDeCAT, Compromís and EH Bildu to create a commission of inquiry into recordings of intimate friend of King Juan Carlos I, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, in which He claims that he has money in tax havens and used her as a figurehead. This increases pressure of groups that supported motion of censure made by President Pedro Sánchez.

The PSOE did not want to pronounce itself in expectation that director of CNI, general Félix Sanz, appear today before Committee of expenses reserved to inform on this matter. The Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo is quoted on Thursday to testify in separate piece that, on se recordings, has opened judge of national Audiencia Diego de Egea.

When, three years later, Villarejo came to London to record Corinna's words, this relationship with King Emeritus was already settled. Despite effort he put in, his dreams of prolonging and formalizing relationship had vanished: Don Juan Carlos was not going to divorce to marry her, but y were not going to be installed toger in a pavilion in palace of Pardo, or on a farm that king of Morocco was D Ispuesto to give m in Marrakech. He would never be recognized as a statute in royal house.

One of those responsible for deterring Don Juan Carlos from embarking on se adventures and convincing him to break definitively with Corinna was someone who by his age, friendship and military camaraderie could speak clear: general Sanz.

Surprisingly, rude manners policeman and Cosmopolitan and refined princess had something in common: ir aversion to head of Secret Service.

In his appearance yesterday before judge, Sanz could have detracted from accusations of Villarejo, sending him a sign of détente. He opted, however, to support prosecutor's complaint of libel, slander, and disclosure of secrets. He did so, as he said, in defense of 3,500 agents of CNI, whom commissioner crossed of "criminals" and who cannot defend mselves. The swords are still high.

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