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Government to block an investiture that is not in person

The executive will go to the Constitutional Court for any anomaly

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Government to block an investiture that is not in person

The government follows with utmost attention movements of sovereigntists parties to be prepared in case it has to intervene and to prevent actions outside of legality. The Government recognizes that its utmost concern is focused on possibility that head of list of Junts per Catalunya, Carles Puigdemont, maintains intention to be invested president of Generalitat by telematics, without being present in Parlament. Nor would it be acceptable, according to government sources, that Puigdemont be represented by an interposed person who would read a speech in rostrum on behalf of former president.

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Any anomalous situation that Bureau of Parliament may adopt will be answered with presentation by central Government of an appeal of unconstitutionality that would suspend illegal resolution. In options that executive shuffles on decisions that may take sovereigntists forces stands out that Bureau of Chamber decides with its majority that Carles Puigdemont is chosen by telematics. The Government does not see it possible that independence parties intend to change rules of House in order to promote a remote endowment since commissions are constituted after government.

From PP warn that y will be prepared to deal with possible illegalities, with an express quote to PSC and citizens in certainty that y will be on same line, as noted yesterday coordinator of PP, Fernando Martínez-mail. It fears that it is intended "illegally, circumventing Catalan laws mselves and twisting rules of Catalan parliament". The PP will use "where necessary", said Mailo in halls of Congress in a recess of Territorial Commission that evaluates functioning of autonomous State. The paralysis of an eventual illegality is achieved with presentation of an appeal of unconstitutionality by central government, 50 deputies of Congress or 50 senators.

It is not intended to paralyze a decision by Parliament in application of article 155 of Constitution. It was thought at a time to use this instrument to annul decisions of Parliament but it was concluded that it could be unconstitutional. This was eliminated from first draft definition of 155 Faculty of central government to intervene on decisions of Autonomous Chamber. The Government would, however, wish that re were no exceptional situations and that sovereigntists parties would agree to elect one of its elected deputies as a candidate for presidency of Generalitat. Any less on which arrest warrant weighs.


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