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Hacienda closes the fence to TV3 in his research by 1-0

The Ministry requires information about the producers and communicators of the chain

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Hacienda closes the fence to TV3 in his research by 1-0

The narrow fence that government of Mariano Rajoy has imposed on independence environment points to several of most important producers working for TV3, with giant Mediapro of Jaume Roures to head. The Ministry of Finance has ordered Comptroller of Generalitat, Rosa Vidal, to report to him before next day 12 of all contracts granted between 2015 and 2017 by Catalan government to 50 companies and a dozen of relevant figures of world Independence. Among m, re are eight subsidiaries of Mediapro, production company Batabat and name of three renowned communicators — Toni Soler, Antoni bassas and Albert Om — whose companies have signed in recent years millionaires contracts with TV3.

Although list made public last Tuesday asks only if se three people have received personal title "payments, grants or subsidies from Generalitat or any entity in autonomous public sector" — not to mention ir companies —, Hacienda aims to Expand research as you receive required reports.

The ministry looks for signs of embezzlement to find out how October 1 preparations were paid — ballot boxes, ballots... — and or milestones in independence process. Therefore, at rate of one per week, Vidal has been broadening information requirements. And when he has not satisfied answer, he has not hesitated to press speaker insisting that he complete previous requests or reminding him that he has full powers to reach last game of expenditure of Generalitat.

Mediapro mounted The international press Center 1-0, service that would not have received any payment from Generalitat and wanted to finance charging 10 euros per day to each journalist. Finally, and in front of professionals ' protests, it was only first of four days that center worked. The Roures Group offers all kinds of services to TV3. In 2015 and 2016 (not yet available data from last year), ir companies billed a total of 7.6 million euros to chain. Most of this amount corresponds to production of series and programs, although its offer goes to services like " production of correspondent of Washington", so it charged in 2015 more than 61,000 euros in a negotiated contract without publicity.

Batabat, linked to Oriol Soler — to whom Hacienda has placed at center of his research — billed to Catalan public television 1.2 million in 2015 and 2016. The producers of Soler, Bassas and Om, on or hand, billed in total more than 13 million euros to TV3 in those two years.

On or hand, three entrepreneurs said yesterday before judge that an intermediary of Generalitat commissioned publicity for 1 October referendum. In ir statement as investigated, y denied having charged a single euro for creating and distributing consultation's advertising campaign.


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