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Has the Feast of " Huma ", Pierre Laurent castigates " the contempt of the little monarch Macron "

The national secretary of the PCF has produced a speech against the president of the Republic and called for " collective efforts ".

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Has the Feast of
Pierre Laurent had promised a speech that is offensive ". He has kept his word, Sunday 17 September, at closing ceremony of Festival of Humanity. In front of a crowd sparse by heavy rain, national secretary of PCF has largely attacked policy pursued by president of Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

" Hello to you, loafers, parasites of Republic, (...) 99 % who are toiling in kingdom of money, hi to you who create all wealth of this country by your work and who do not have what to do with contempt of powerful and small monarch Macron ! ", he launched before rolling out programme of communist regime.

" Mr. Macron, it is this debate, project against project, that you flee. You have deceived French by claiming to embody modernity. You talk of revolution, you do Restoration. You summon Robespierre, but you govern as a king capetian. "

Then, referring to statements of Emmanuel Macron, who claimed that "French hate reform," Mr. Lawrence replied :

" These people that you despise, love m so much reform, that he, in fact, revolutions : 1789, 1848, Paris Commune, 1905 law on secularism, popular Front of 1936, Resistance and program of CNR, creation of social Security, 1968, abolition of death penalty, Marriage for all... No, Mr. Macron, French do not like, what are your reforms of retrograde and reactionary. "

" Yes, we are 99 % that will no longer accept to suffer eternally law of 1 % who are built up all keys of power. These powers, we want to win m back ", still promised Pierre Laurent.

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The CPF will participate in walk of September 23,

Pierre Laurent, is n returned at length on reform of labour code, which it condemns without reserve :

" inversion of hierarchy of standards will allow boss to be freed from law in almost all areas, (...) CDI will be swept away by contract of construction work, which until now was reserved in building sector, and competitiveness agreements signed at level of all businesses, including those that are not in difficulty. The employee who does not agree to terms and conditions negotiated will be sacked for negligence. (...) And pregnant women will not have same maternity leave according to branch where y work ! "

He praised work of trade unionists, "everyday heroes" and mobilization of 12th of September and has called " to join, to amplify mobilization, which is only in its infancy ". "Toger, everything must be done to ensure success of next mobilization, in a few days, next Thursday, 21st of September, and all or mobilizations to come. "

Regarding "March against coup d'etat social" called September 23, by brors enemies of France, disobedient, and to which CPF will send a delegation, Mr. Lawrence felt that it was necessary " that each brings its stone, ensuring that trade union agenda to be critical. This is sum of our collective efforts that will be costly to Macron and to Medef. "

Pierre Laurent, who wants to be champion of unit to left, was, Sunday, much less virulent than saver in respect of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, absent from Feast of Humanity this year. Saturday, tackles against former presidential candidate have triggered annoyance of deputies untamed who had made trip.

today, Pierre Laurent is, of course, mocked – gently – in his speech, without naming it, member of parliament for Bouches-du-Rhône, in jeering role of "first opponent" that assigns to Mr. Mélenchon. "If someone, in media, seeks out best opponent to Macron, he found it ! We will not be alone and we do not want to, indeed, not be. But we will be, for sure, on podium ! ", he started.

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