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Has the Feast of "Humanity," the PCF and France insubordinate settle their accounts

Pierre Laurent, the national secretary of the PCF, multiplied, Saturday, pikes against Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of France insubordinate.

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Has the Feast of
The union is a fight, and left knows something. Pierre Laurent, national secretary of communist Party (PCF), has stepped up Saturday, September 16 digs against Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of France insubordinate (BIA), great absent of Feast of Humanity, which runs until Sunday at Parc départemental de la Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis).

In his traditional speech to forces of left and social movement, Mr. Laurent has particularly castigated ' sirens dégagistes" brought, according to him, during presidential campaign by " Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon ".

travel to The Meeting, Mr. Mélenchon was omnipresent in discussions of this annual rendez-vous of left. Mr. Laurent has used his speech to say what he thought of leader of France, disobedient, and of its desire for hegemony on left. "Nobody can claim to hold truth alone, has he hammered twice. It is in ir interest to make common cause, to continue to build an alternative to left. "

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" Contemptuous and violent "

Returning to presidential campaign, national secretary has reaffirmed that he had " reason to make a dam in The Pen. We are proud to have contributed to [its] failure and we'll continue." A message thinly veiled in Mr Mélenchon, who had not been given a council vote between two rounds of presidential election.

members of The France insubordinate who had made trip and who were in first row to listen Pierre Laurent were far from thrilled. Some have even hesitated to leave stand of FCC to show ir displeasure.

regulations of The account took place on Twitter social network. Eric Coquerel, member of parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis, in particular, complained that "as in 2012, leadership of PCF passes Feast of Huma typing on its presidential candidate" and called speech of Mr. Lawrence of " derogatory and abusive ".

1/2 As in 2012, management PC passes #Fetehuma à typing on his candidate à préresidential.Between 2 @JLMelenchon has dubbedé and his voice

— ericcoquerel (@Eric Coquerel)

A invité who was not expecting to; 1 speech méprisant and violent on @JLMelenchon.There are limits, we n'étions&welcome to join;

— ericcoquerel (@Eric Coquerel)

His colleague, Alexis Corbière, who did not hide his exasperation, pointed out that Pierre Laurent has not a word of criticism against PS ", which several members of guiding coalition provisional were also present.

#FetedelHuma, Pierre Laurent, has not a word of criticism against PS, but tackle régulièsurely @JLMelenchon not to mention 23 #lourdingue

— alexiscorbiere (@Corbiere Alexis) " Leave aside battle of ego and supremacy, "

Just after speech, Mr. Corbiere said World " did not understand why Pierre Laurent spends his time scratching Jean-Luc Mélenchon ". "He has not had a word on walk of September 23, against "coup" in social [France insubordinate organises and on which PCF is considering to send a delegation]. We were like guests invited to a meal that we insult upon entry. It must be very well trained to stay up for dessert and it was... ", continued deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis.

A little later, during a debate, Mr. Corbière is back on " dégagisme ", explaining that, in France insubordinate was in search of a new vocabulary to talk about people and reach non-voters, " who have nothing to do cartel organizations and leaders to fears ". The audience strongly applauded.

The same reaction took place when Sébastien Jumel, member of PCF in Seine-Maritime, was launched during this debate that he had to " leave aside battle of ego and supremacy, to fight toger." Mr. Jumel will, in effect, to day of union mobilisation on September 21 and march 23.

welcome to Benoît Hamon

Away from se tensions between PCF and BIA, Benoît Hamon, has been warmly welcomed. Sitting in first row at side of David Cormand, national secretary of Europe ecology-The Greens (EELV), and Anne Hidalgo, mayor PS of Paris, he was hailed by Mr. Lawrence during his speech, receiving of audience in thunderous applause.

earlier, it is in same good atmosphere that Mr. Hamon has inaugurated stand in his Motion of July 1, (M1717). Assailed by requests for photos and tv cameras, winner of socialist primaries has had to play of elbows to clear a path, stand on podium and give a short speech.

again, absent Jean-Luc Mélenchon has occupied a certain place in comments. "The left, one who claims to hegemony breaks teeth ", has released Mr. Hamon, who opposed contrary, "desire for unity" expressed according to him, " base ". This desire, he developed, " implies that when one hears a word different than you on left, we do not consider that jerk is making his pens (to) protect."

Mr. Hamon has not been a word on or hand, any recent interview of Mr. Mélenchon, in which latter suggested that if ex-socialist, had withdrawn his candidacy, he would have been elected president.

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Mr. Hamon has, however, defended his presence in manifestation of 23 September, organised by France insubordinate. It should pass, this Saturday, in square head. Calling those who criticize on subject to " remain in pan ", he repeated that he would be present at each engagement of left "without bigotry" and " without looking at identity card of those who organise it ".


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