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Hundreds of thousands of people march to support the 155

Participants take the Votarem slogan to celebrate the call for elections

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Hundreds of thousands of people march to support the 155

Hundreds of thousands of people have joined this Sunday in Barcelona to demonstration convened by Societat Civil Catalana, main citizen organization against independence. We are all Catalonia, I prayed motto of its first march after unilateral proclamation of independence and application of article 155. The massive protest — 1.3 million attendees, according to organizers, 300,000 according to Urban guard — has been supported by government and political officials from constitutionalist parties. It was a call to participation in December 21 elections. "Votarem [We will vote]," y shouted.

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The same motto that during days before illegal referendum of October 1 took independenceists, has been heard this Sunday by streets of Catalan capital, but this time to invite to participation in autonomous elections announced by President Mariano Rajoy.

Thousands of flags of Spain, Senyeras and, to a lesser extent, of European Union have waved through center of capital, in vicinity of Paseo de Gracia at noon. At head of demonstration and after banner with motto we are all Catalonia! By coexistence, Seny has positioned a wide representation of Constitutionalist forces. There has been PP, with Minister of Health, Dolors Montserrat, leader of PPC, Xavier García Albiol. Also citizens, with its president, Albert Rivera, and leader in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas, as well as first Secretary of PSC, Miquel Iceta, along with or socialist leaders. The chief of staff of Rajoy, Jorge Moragas, and former minister of Interior Jorge Fernandez Díaz, as well as Andrea Levy and Pablo Casado, of PP, have also attended meeting.

Rivera and Albiol have taken a bath of multitudes. Many participants have approached at different times in morning to both to photograph with m or to ask m for autographs on ir flags. "President, President," he was yelled at leader of PP in Catalonia. The same has happened also with national leader of citizens. Anor of most requested was Socialist Josep Borrell, former minister of Socialist and former President of European Parliament.

The flags have shared prominence with aforementioned cry of "Votarem", "" Spain, United, will never be defeated "and very repeated" Puigdemont, to Prison ", which has become one of most Korean, as already happened in previous appointment by Societat Civil Catalana ( SCC) on 8 October, when y celebrated anor massive march through streets of center of capital. "155. The party is over," more bridges and less walls "," 38% is not Catalonia "and" The awakening of a sleeping people ", have also prayed several posters present in concentration, which have heard many cries of support for King Felipe VI. "What cowards, y vote in secret!", has chanted anor group next to source of Paseo de Gracia, near stage, in reference to vote that was in Parlament last Friday, which declared independence with 70 votes in urn and almost half of Parliamentarians outside Hemicycle.

On video, statements by Inés Arrimadas, Miquel Iceta and Xavier García Albiol. EFE Atlas-Quality

Or calls from different parts of city have been added to demonstration organized by SCC. Called by Resistencia Catalana, several thousand people who have ended up joining central March, have started ir tour in Plaza de Molina with a loudspeaker stuck in a shopping cart in which y sounded all over Manolo Escobar or King Africa version of Paquito chocolatier. They have gone down street of Balmes and have cut traffic through Diagonal. Esr Cabrera, with a flag in her hand and two small drawings in pamphlets, is 44 years old and had never participated in demonstrations until a month ago. "We are very concerned about independence people, y believe that Catalonia is independence when it is not," he says. "Colau is leaving us abandoned," he laments. "A minority takes peace of mind to seven million Catalans." They won't let us go to work. Imagine that you are on couch of your house and I arrive and I say, ' Go away '. "That's how we feel."

Gloria Garcia went down Diagonal with a flag and his dog Zamba carried anor on spine. Malaga 70 years, has 40 living in Barcelona. "I came when this town was pretty, he's no more." Now I'm anxious and I don't sleep. "All this hurts, gives sadness," he laments. "There is hatred." I've stopped talking to my Catalan friends. They're ceporras, y're tough. "They see nothing but ir television." Ismael Nieto (35) has arrived from Sant Salvador de Guardiola (Barcelona) with a giant flag sewn by his wife made with two Senyeras and two Spanish: "Two million people send in Catalonia and that cannot be." "What y have done is very serious."

The hymns, Peret and Manolo Escobar
  • toger with official hymn s — organization has closed act with hymns of Spain, EU and included Cant of Senyera — have been repeatedly heard at various times and places of concentration Viva Spain of Manolo Escobar and Barcelona has Power, by Peret.
  • among slogans, "Spain, United, will never be defeated," "155, party is over," Els carrers will be Sempre nostress "," 38% is not Catalonia "and" Puigdemont, a Prison ", which has become of most Korean, as happened in previous appointment of Societat Civil Catalana October 8th.
  • Mariano Gomà, president of SCC, has said goodbye: "The true revolution of Smiles is us." On 21st, vote. Vote whoever you want, but vote.

The fatigue and uneasiness shown by some of participants have also been present in speeches that have happened on stage of demonstration, located in Paseo de Gracia with Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. "How do you claim to be recognized as legitimacy when all this has been built with lies?", professor of constitutional Law Teresa Freixas has been asked from podium, who has been dismissed with live to Spain, Catalonia, Europe and King: "We are Here" In defense of freedom, rule of law and democracy. They didn't want to vote? "Then do it."

"We are mestizos and we defend that, we avenge where we come from, we are all equal citizens", continued professor of University of Barcelona Félix Sheepdog: "[ independenceists] want our fellow citizens to be foreigners." "And we want to decide and redistribute with m." "Some Catalans do not have to defeat ors," added Alex Ramos, vice-president of Societat Civil Catalana, who has preceded president of SCC, Mariano Gomà: "The true revolution of Smiles is us." On 21st, vote. Vote whoever you want, but vote.

Gomà has also given "thanks" to Puigdemont and members of his Govern: "Thank you for burying procés." Now it is justice that will have to put each one where it has to put it. "But story will pass you bill."

At end of demonstration, re have been several incidents in different parts of city. A group of several dozens of people have shouted and surrounded fenced area reserved for press. Two journalists from TV3 have been insulted: "Out", "manipulation", "disgusting", "fascist". A man, with an orange pole, who has thrown beer at a group of photographers and has been faced with one of m, has been isolated by or protesters, who have thrown cry of "fascist". There have also been clashes of anor group, which chanted fascist chants, with Mossos D'Esquadra in Plaza de Sant Jaume, in front of headquarters of Generalitat. And a taxi driver has been injured with a cut after an object broke window of his car.

Iceta goes for first time to a march of Societat Civil

Miquel Iceta, First secretary of PSC, has visited this Sunday for first time at a march convened by Societat Civil Catalana (SCC). "Carles Puigdemont is already former president, as José Montilla and Artur Mas are," he noted. "Reality is reality," political leader has sentenced, referring to dismissal of government members by central Administration.

Iceta has also ensured this Sunday, before beginning of merger, that he had not understood Sabbath speech of former President Puigdemont. "And I think I was not only one," he said, before saying that he "intended to give an institutional message." The socialist also defended motto of concentration, we are all Catalonia, because it shows idea of "coexistence, loyalty, tolerance and acceptance of all opinions".

"We do not accept declaration of Independence that was approved or day in Parlament." We do not want division of Catalan Society. "And we do not want to separate from rest of Spain," repeated Iceta, which has been photographed with members of PP and citizens.


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