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Hundreds of thousands of people throw themselves into the streets in an unprecedented feminist mobilization

Mass demonstrations run through cities across the country

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Hundreds of thousands of people throw themselves into the streets in an unprecedented feminist mobilization

Hundreds of thousands of people have launched this Thursday to streets of Spain to claim real equality between men and women. In a day that all attendees agree to qualify as historical, feminist movement has achieved an unprecedented mobilization with hundreds of concentrations nationwide, a general strike, partial stoppages seconded by more than five million Workers and demonstrations mass in afternoon. "We stop to change world", has been heard in Barcelona, during a march that has brought toger more than 200,000 citizens, according to first estimate of urban guard. "We are not alone, murders are missing," says a banner in Seville. More than 600 meters separate in Madrid head of end.

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Madrid: "This is a revolutionary strike"

The violet color permeates everything in Madrid demonstration. "I have come because re is still a long way to go in terms of equality," says Rocío Dos Santos, 37, who has joined this Thursday on march in capital. A concentration that has emerged from Atocha station and is scheduled to finish in Plaza de España, after traveling about three kilometres. "The important thing is education, I as a mor want to educate my daughters as strong women," adds two saints, mor two girls. A few metres away, Paloma Regueiro, a 55-year-old social educator from Rivas (Madrid), walks: "This is a revolutionary strike", sentence.

According to government delegation, more than 170,000 people have joined march. "Every time we improve, men also do it," says, rotunda, María Jesús Rivas, 66 years old. "The reason for coming to this strike is to vindicate and ask women and men of country to join in defending our rights," continues Sexagenarian, which has joined a historic demonstration. "We are here to claim all rights we have left to reach. Both at work and at home. We want real equality, "says Marta Escobar, 23, and a graduate in philosophy.

Julian is a 53-year-old civil servant and José María, retired from 60, was. The two have also joined mobilization: "We are here to support women, who are obviously discriminated against." An example? "The jokes of women we're telling each or all time."

Both PSOE and United we can have turned with march, which has attended mayor, Manuela Carmena. "We are here because, without recognition and respect for our rights, re is no democracy. We want equal treatment and opportunity, real equality, not oretical, "said Carmen Calvo, secretary of Equality for Socialists. "We are here because millions of women have said ' enough already '. We want a society and democratic countries, just and where we all have our basic rights guaranteed, "said Irene Montero, spokesperson at United States Congress. Citizens have also attended demonstration, where he has denounced that y have been "reprimanded" and "harassed". The PP, however, has not come.

"With or without clos, my body is not touched" protesters shout Huelga8M Huelga8Marzo Barcelona VagaFeminista VagaFeminista8M PIC.TWITTER.COM/VGCWK5U8LW

— Alfonso Congostrina (@alfcongostrina) March 8, 2018 Cataluña: "It is not a party, y are killing us"

Hundreds of thousands of people have filled Paseo de Gràcia in Barcelona on Thursday, where 8-M demonstration against gender inequality and macho violence has been discurred. Over 200, 000, according to city guard. The multitude has surpassed forecasts of organizers who, under slogan Ens aturem per Canvi-ho tot [we stop to change everything], have had to start several streets below what was planned so that hundreds of citizens could be incorporated that They came out of subway mouths to join march. They have been carrying posters, chanting songs and have launched purple balloons, but march has had a clear tone of vindication. "It's not a party, y're killing us," he warned banner that a protester was carrying.

Representatives of several political parties have come to march, including President of Parliament, Roger Torrent. But its presence has been greatly eclipsed by tide that has advanced through one of main roads of Catalan capital. "I like this demonstration because we all express ourselves in way we want but with same message," said Marina, who has moved from Mataró to go to rally.

Andalusia: "Machismo is terrorism"

"We are not alone, murders are missing," says banner that opens demonstration in Seville that has brought toger thousands of people. More than 120,000, according to city Council; and 30.000, according to national Police. Here, Plaza Nueva has overflowed and in head feminist movement of Seville is made a step thanks to a dozen policemen. Dolores García, from convening platform, explains that y are "very upset with majority unions and administration, which have risen in a very light way".

According to provisional figures of National Police, in Granada re have been concentrated this afternoon between 15,000 and 18,000 people. Among proclamations: "Here we are, we do not kill"; "Machismo is terrorism"; "The man who Mistreats is a rat"; "The street and night... are also ours!" and "for those who are, for those who are not, for those who are in danger." "It's a historic day, a March 8th that's going to mark a before and after feminist fight. A March 8 that will say loud and clear enough, "said equality Counsellor, María José Sánchez Rubio, who added:" It is not possible that in 21st century re is a wage gap or re are women who die for mere fact of being women. This March 8th will make it very difficult for patriarchy. "

In Cadiz, march has brought toger some 5,000 people, according to councillor for Equality, Ana Camelo: "This strike we have won," said mayor. More than 50,000 people have been shown in Malaga, according to organisers; A figure that government sub-delegation has reduced to 10,000.

Euskadi: "We feel lowest class"

Never before have so many thousands of people gared in Bilbao in a demonstration to support feminist cause. More than 60,000, according to city police. Before starting, organizers assured that it was such a crowd gared at exit and at all points of route that it was going to be difficult for march to pass smoothly through streets of capital of Biscay. "This is collapsing. People have come out to shout that we do not want this system that we step and kill us, "says Leire, spokesman for feminist Collective of Bizkaia.

Aragon: "If we stop, for world"

Thousands of people have manifested mselves simultaneously in three capitals of Aragon. About seven in afternoon has left from roundabout of Zaragoza a crowded demonstration, with a banner on head of march with slogan if we stop, for world. The government delegation has encrypted in 37,000 attendants to a mobilization in which purple color has predominated. At same time, thousands of people, 5,000 in opinion of Organization and a minimum of 3,500 according to official sources, have taken part in Huesca. In turn, around 5,000 people, according to conveners, have participated in March of Teruel.

Comunitat Valenciana: "The incredible strength of women"

A massive violet tide has filled center of Valencia with "incredible strength" of women to demonstrate that " world is up" without m on this day of feminist strike. The organization has encrypted participation in 400,000 people. The march of Women's Day has left with slight delay, about 18.15 hours, by large number of people concentrated from Parterre. The demonstrators have filled streets Colón and Xàtiva for more than two hours planned for entire route to Plaza de la Virgen. At 20.30 hours he kept adding people to tour by or accesses without header had ended.

A multicultural head-start and composed of activists from various nationalities, some from Muslim religion and carrying veils, has led demonstration, followed by perfomance of a joint hug of women to give starting gun, with an allegation — " Miradnos, we are light of our own shadow "— between balloons, flowers and violet hands and rhythm of Batucadas.

One of spokesmen for vague feminist País Valencià, organization that integrates feminist groups, Teresa Meana, has explained to media that y feel "heirs to struggle of so many women" and has invited to fight "places where we apply Size 38 and women are literally exploited. " "This is an incredible force and not for anyone," he said.

With information from Javier Arroyo, Juan. A. Aunión, Alfonso L. Congostrina, Javier Martín-Arroyo, Mikel Ormazabal, Jesús A. Cañas, J. J. Gálvez, Alejandro Romero and Agencias.


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