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Iceta announces that it will be presented to the investiture if there is no absolute majority of the independence

The PSC candidate insures Catalonia has a poisoned wound

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Iceta announces that it will be presented to the investiture if there is no absolute majority of the independence

In absence of a few hours for end of Catalan electoral campaign, Socialist candidate Miquel Iceta has assured this Tuesday that he will present his candidacy for presidency of Generalitat if independence parties do not achieve absolute majority next Thursday. During an informative breakfast organized by newspaper, PSC leader completely rules out supporting Inés Arrimadas in an endowment session, not even on stage where citizens get more seats than Socialists.

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At anor time, Iceta has assured that Josep Borrell "is right", when he talks about need to "disinfect wounds" before closing m, in reference to consequences that independence process has provoked. "Each one chooses expressions," said Iceta to refer to accusations of Socialist former minister. "We have a poisoned wound, we wanted to divide a country, confront territories, raise borders and invoke a grievance and dignity of a people," insisted Iceta. "Eir we clean this up or we won't get ahead," he added.

The socialist presidential understands that citizens and PP "can contribute to change" by making him president, "but y are not change" by ir positions "immobilizers" against Catalan self-government or improvement of self-government. In this line he insisted that se two constitutional parties question Catalan linguistic model. "Imagine mess we have if we take it to schools now."

In that scenario, Iceta has drawn three possible scenarios from 21-D: An independence president, he as President or repetition of elections, a scenario of which he said: "I don't even want to hear about it." Iceta believes that scenario of a new election "would not be reasonable or acceptable, because it would be like telling citizens to return to vote to see if we do better." The President understands that "nothing assures" that anor result could be produced and that "citizens do not deserve" an electoral repetition.

The PSC candidate has positioned himself as only alternative and has made a direct appeal to Commons: "Eir y make an independentist president or y make me." The Socialist candidate has expressly claimed a "transversal endowment" with support of citizens and PP and abstention of Catalonia in Comú-Podem.


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