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Iceta is in favor of pardoning Loslíderes secessionists to close wounds

The PSOE said it "respects" the position of the PSC candidate

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Iceta is in favor of pardoning Loslíderes secessionists to close wounds

Miquel Iceta announced yesterday that he would request a pardon for Catalan secession leaders in case y are condemned in a firm sentence by Supreme Court. It would, he said, "Close wounds," an idea that fits his message "in favor of reconciliation between Catalans" that he transmits in his meetings to confront social fracture that has produced independence. The PSOE assured that it "respects" position of PSC candidate.

The PSOE respects opinion of Iceta on pardon for secessionists but it remarks that it is "his opinion". Surprise in socialist direction

— Elsa García de Blas (@ElsaGarciad) December 13th, 2017

The Socialist candidate for Generalitat had expressed on several occasions in private his opinion in favor of measure of grace against leaders of Secessionism if he finally condemned Supreme Court, and suggested it in an interview in newspaper Ara, but Yesterday he first verbalized it forcefully in public during an interview in RAC-1 in which he insisted on need to respect presumption of innocence and to wait for justice to be pronounced.

Iceta said he wants to be "prudent and wait to see if re is conviction", but in event that final pronouncement of courts finally occurred, he pleaded in favor of requesting clemency for secessionist leaders. "Democracy has mechanisms to soften, lighten and sew wounds that have a political origin, even if y have eventually led to commission of a crime," added Iceta, who insists on every campaign rally he wants to start a stage of " "Reconciliation between Catalans, Spaniards, Europe and world of economy".

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Pardon is a measure of grace granted by King, on proposal of Ministry of Justice, after Council of Ministers has been deliberated. It extinguishes criminal liability, but not civil one that could derive from it and does not cancel criminal record. Leading independent leaders — Iceta did not specify wher he referred to all or just one of m — are charged with crimes of sedition, rebellion, and embezzlement with sentences of up to 30 years in prison.

The direction of PSOE did not want to pronounce yesterday on declarations of Iceta, although it chose not to disavow him. The general deputy, Adriana Lastra, said that it was " opinion of Miquel Iceta made in framework of an electoral campaign" and that Ferraz "respects" position of candidate of PSC, said in declarations in Congress. Reasked in case party shared that independence leaders were to be pardoned, Lastra again insisted that PSOE "respected" position of Iceta.

Official sources n remarked to country that idea of Iceta "is not a proposal of PSOE, but of PSC, an autonomous party, that PSOE respects". The management wanted to mark a certain distance with declarations of his candidate in Catalonia, but also not to disavow him in full campaign. The dome also insisted that Catalan "context" should be understood.

In private, sources of socialist leadership recognized his surprise at position of first Secretary of PSC, who claimed not to know beforehand. Although Iceta had not hidden this view in last few days, and had already expressed it in similar terms in private and even in public.


The words of PSC candidate caused discomfort in several socialist federations. The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, said to understand " good intentions of Iceta and social pressure in campaign", but not to share petition for clemency. "Compliance with rule of law must be taken seriously." I refuse to use justice or as a gateway or exit policy, said socialist president.

The words of Socialist candidate are not an electoral occurrence and he himself recalled yesterday that he has always described as "disproportionate" imprisonments ordered by national audience and Supreme Court against independence leaders of Catalan National Assembly and Cultural Òmnium, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, and against some members of Government of Generalitat.

Last day 4, for example, first Secretary of PSC described as "bad news" that judge of Supreme Court Pablo Llarena kept in prison former vice-president of Generalitat Oriol Junqueras, ex-councilor of Interior Joaquim Forn and two Jordis. "I'm glad for those who come out, but I think it should have spread to rest," said Iceta on release of ex-advisors Jordi Turull, Josep Rull, Carles Mundó, Meritxell Borràs, Raül Romeva and Dolors Bassa.

"Pre-Trial detention makes a lot more sense for or kinds of crimes." Now, in a rule of law, you have no choice but to abide by what judge says. This is not to say that we agree, added Ayer Iceta, who at anor time regretted that secessionists "attributed PSC imprisonments and seek to move responsibility" to socialists when that procedure follows channels of process Judicial.

Citizens and PP loaded against idea defended by candidate PSC. The Secretary general of PP in Congress, José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro, stressed that pardon serves to "correct injustices" and not "criminal acts", while leader of citizens, Albert Rivera, said through Twitter: "If you want to ban pardons to Politicians for embezzlement or prevarication, vote citizens. "If you want to pardon politicians, vote PSC-PSOE."


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