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Iglesias announces a unitary list for the community of Madrid with Errejón and Espinar

We have been able to build the unit and we agree on the substantial, has assured the Secretary general of Madrid, Ramón Espinar

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Iglesias announces a unitary list for the community of Madrid with Errejón and Espinar

Pablo Iglesias has announced at a press conference that he has reached an agreement with Íñigo Errejón to form a unitary list in community of Madrid, toger with Ramón Espinar. "We bring a proposal of unity from plurality," announced secretary general of Can, who has thanked "generosity" of Espinar. "I have listened to Íñigo. I trust him to be candidate for we can and president of community, "he announced.

The two visible heads of that candidacy have not yet revealed details about names that will accompany m or composition of list. "It is a candidate for unity with best and best companions," said Errejón, who says he will be "at service of locals" for "a government that puts order and decency in community of Madrid." "We have been able to build unity and we agree on substantial," added Secretary general of Madrid, Ramón Espinar, after recognizing that Errejón and he have disagreed and discussed much in past. "I trust Íñigo Errejón," he said this afternoon, and preagreement in his opinion is "very satisfactory."

"It is a candidacy that fits all ideas that are part of political space of change", he insisted Espinar. He and Errejón have again invited candidacy to Lorena Ruiz-Huerta, who leads anti-capitalist current and has announced that it will not attend primaries.

After Carolina Bescansa's proposal filtered by mistake in which she proposed to be number two of Errejón in Madrid in exchange for him to support him in general elections, Errejón has reiterated that it was "unacceptable" and did not contribute to unit she was looking for.

The Secretary general of Community of Madrid has recognized that agreement is late: "We should have built it sooner and better." Errejón has also recognized that events have precipitated it.


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