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In Corrèze, Macron launches the site of training and learning

This second part of the labour market reforms must complement the overall investment plan for government training presented by the Prime Minister on 25 September, amounting to EUR 15 billion over five years.

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In Corrèze, Macron launches the site of training and learning
This is second floor planned for Macron labor reform. The President of Republic visited Corrèze on Wednesday 4 October to present future major government project after recasting by ordinances of Labour Code: reform of vocational training, learning and Unemployment insurance.

The presidential visit was before government meetings with unions and employers on 12 October at Elysee. Accompanied by ministers Muriel Pan (Labour) and Jean-Michel bien (national education), head of State inaugurated renovation work on campus of school of application for professions of Public Works (ETAP) of Egletons, which forms Students and apprentices in construction professions.

"Here begins a battle to stop with French defactism," launched Emmanuel Macron who wants to end with " vision of learning as stream of those who have failed in general channels".

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Complicated negotiations

This second part of labour market reforms must complement overall investment plan for government training presented by Prime Minister on 25 September, amounting to EUR 15 billion over five years. But inability to resort to orders this time could complicate future negotiations with social partners, while executive hopes to present its bill to Parliament in spring for adoption next summer.

For moment, executive remains elusive on content of reform of learning, contenting itself with global formulas. As for reform of vocational training, a thorny subject to negotiate with trade unions, it must go in direction of "greater transparency, greater efficiency and simplicity".

The presidential deliberate speech was scrambled Wednesday by a particular local case, that of employees of company GM & S. The head of State did not want to take advantage of his visit to Egletons to meet workers of this automotive supplier, second private employer of Creuse, placed in judicial liquidation in June and resumed in September by group GMD, but with only 120 jobs kept on 277.

Demonstration of GM & S

On Wednesday, a hundred people showed up in Egletons, behind banners of unsubmitted France and CGT. Supported by several mayors of neighboring communes in front row with ir tricoloured scarves, mini-procession was kept away from presidential visit by an impressive order service.

"The president's move is centered on training and learning, not on situation of GM & S," said Elysée, who said, " unions have refused meeting y were offered with Secretary of State for Economics and Finance," Benjamin Thrush, in charge of GM & S dossier in Bercy.

The difficult situation of OEM Dissone with social score played day before in Amiens by head of State during his visit to factory Whirlpool, saved in extremis. "Macron went to see Whirlpool." Why doesn't he come to see us? We're workers who don't count? , thus annoys a protester at Egletons.

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"The president is very attentive to Republican attitudes," explains Elysée to justify its distance of day on GM & S dossier. For presidency, unions like elect who support GM & S licensees are "gone too far" in challenge and ir methods are "an Antimodel" compared to Whirlpool file.

Visiting a class of apprentices with Alain Rousset, president of New Aquitaine, who complains about not finding candidates for jobs in a foundry company in region, Emmanuel Macron replies: There are some, instead of screwing The brol, y'd better go look where y could get places. A sentence which, by its tone, can recall release of head of State on " loafers", and whose entourage on spot hastened to clarify that he "did not refer to demonstrators of GM & S".

But a few hours later, taking advantage of a new round table with apprentices, this time Emmanuel Macron referred to case of automotive supplier to illustrate his policy of "liberation" and "protection" of employment. "Protecting is not telling people that whatever happens, we are going to protect ir jobs." We know here situation of GM & S, re are situations where we cannot protect all jobs. "We fought to protect maximum number of jobs, but it is a bad policy to protect all jobs, including those who no longer have economic destinies," explained head of State.


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