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In Paris, Anne Hidalgo broadened her executive

The mayor of the capital revamped his team on Friday, October 6, after the departures of two of his deputies, elected senators on 24 September.

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In Paris, Anne Hidalgo broadened her executive
This is second "government" of Anne Hidalgo. As mayor of Paris approached second part of her mandate, she submitted to elected officials of Paris Council on Friday 6 October new composition of her executive. The exercise was necessary after resignation of two deputies, Julien Baker (Finance) and Bernard Jomier (santé). Both, elected senators on 24 September, are no longer part of executive in accordance with cumulation of Mandates Act.

But Mrs Hidalgo ensured that this technical overhaul was occasion for a demonstration of political strength. After record scores of in motion! In presidential and legislative elections in Paris, it was for her to demonstrate that her political base did not crumble. In image of its equipped with results of municipal 2014, new team goes from left Front to MoDem.

In order for this recomposition to be reflection of a majority that it wants "wide", mayor of Paris pushed walls ... The new team has 27 deputies instead of 21 with new "wallets". and to preserve a political balance between groups of her majority, she ensured a learned dosage in appointments.

Two heavyweight PS

The socialist deputies are more numerous. Among inbound figures Patrick Bloche, an outgoing member, defeated in June. The former patron of PS Federation of Paris under Bertrand Delanoë is responsible for education and early childhood. Anor pillar of Paris Council and close to Anne Hidalgo, Christophe Girard is responsible for human resources. Former deputy to culture of Mr. Delanoë, before being elected mayor of 4th arrondissement, Mr. Girard succeeds Emmanuel Grégoire. Patron of PS Federation of Paris, Mr. Grégoire becomes deputy in charge of finance.

In addition to se two heavyweights of PS, she has appointed three new generation representatives for whom she has created three positions. Afaf Peniola, who had presented himself to PS internal primary in front of Myriam El Khumri for legislatures in 18th arrondissement, is responsible for a new delegation for employment. Véronique levies will take care of heritage. and Nicolas Nordman of people with disabilities.

An additional portfolio for EELV

The Social democratic movement of PS is well represented. The left wing of party is also more visible. Besides Frédéric Hashemi who takes a stripe in executive by being appointed assistant in charge of nightlife, anor close to Benoît Hamon, Léa Fick is appointed associate counsellor in charge of solidarity.

Ecologists are also being released. Co-Chair of Ecologist Group, Anne Souyris (EELV) became a health officer in replacement of Bernard Jomier who had left ecologist group. They get an extra wallet. Galla Bridler, elected ecologist of 12th arrondissement, will take care of elderly.

The CPF retains same number of delegations, including strategic housing allocated to Ian Brost. As for Jean-Bernard Bros, patron of Paris PRG, he became deputy to take care of ... mixed-economy companies. His entry into executive is accompanied, on or hand, by release of anor chosen PRG Laurence Goldgrab.

"We are attending a gerrymandering"

As in outgoing team, new executive has an ex-MoDem, Jean-François Martins, deputy in charge of sports, and a historical Chiraquienne, Dominique Versini who retains his delegation to fight against exclusion and reception of refugees. Ms. Hidalgo also confirmed to ir position two deputies who supported Emmanuel Macron in presidential election: Jean-Louis Missika (town Planning and Grand Paris) and Mao Panlaqui (cleanliness).

Although speakers of political groups of majority welcomed Friday new municipal "poster", critics of opposition did not fail.

"We are witnessing a gerrymandering with a staggering increase in deputies to try to keep majority up until end of term," said Florence Benskin, president of Republicans group who refused to participate in vote.

The Idu-MoDem group also abstained. Its president, Eric Azière, has portrayed an executive "weighed to trebuchet of interests of groups" which has nothing of "invigorating renewal".


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