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Interior and Abertis Eludenresponsabilidades in the chaos of the AP-6

The DGT says that the management of the track corresponds to the company and it claims that the decisions were taken jointly

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Interior and Abertis Eludenresponsabilidades in the chaos of the AP-6

The abundant snow fall on Saturday afternoon in much of Spain turned more than 80 kilometers of AP-6 into a trap for about 3,000 cars. The road was cut off during day intermittently to clean roadway, with knowledge of Directorate General of Traffic, according to sources of Abertis. Thus until permanent closure of track at nine o'clock at night. "The responsibility for what happens on a toll highway is only for dealership. Our work is collaborative, but y have a self-management center and are ones who know what happens re, " director general of DGT, Gregorio Serrano, argued on Monday.

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  • Zoido and director of DGT were in Sevilla when snowfalls generated chaos in Operation return
  • Thousands of people support up to 18 hours trapped in AP-6
  • It's not drivers fault

For ir part, since Abertis insist that y did not act unilaterally. "The DGT has access to images of AP-6. In fact, when you decide to cut circulation, petition is made to traffic, which is who can do it, "says company sources. In what did coincide traffic and Iberpistas is to unload part of guilt in drivers by ignoring wear warnings.

The whole exchange of accusations, coupled with political dispute, entangles assumption of responsibility for what happened over weekend, something that regulation does not quite clarify. According to Law of construction, conservation and operation of motorways under concession (law 8/1972), re are only two cases in which traffic can be cut in one of se routes with concessions: "Due to a fortuitous case or force majeure". That is to say, by an accident that impedes normal traffic or by an unexpected that does not allow circulation in safety conditions. So what remains to be resolved is wher it is a case of force majeure (as company defends) or wher re was a lack of foresight.

The Director general of traffic, in pointing out to drivers as a responsible part of what happened, said that everything was provoked by a temporary extreme that was not expected. "It gars an unprecedented snowfall, operation return and some drivers who did not take necessary precautions," said Serrano.

Abertis said on Monday that operational Plan for winter roads is still underway (it was activated on Friday), although y do not expect same circumstance to be repeated. "The storm was much greater than forecasts said," warranted from company, although State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) issued a special notice on 4 January in which it warned of "a very high risk" of "important snowfall in norrn half Peninsular "over weekend. This operation still in force, according to Abertis, has 170 employees and 31 snow throwers, although workers outside Iberpistas who participated in rescue ensure that number of se machines was much smaller.

Meanwhile, what is in progress is informative dossier announced on Sunday for promotion. This report will determine wher to carry out a sanctioning procedure for company after collecting information and evaluating it. In addition, crisis management opens debate on current model on motorways. The CSIF syndicate criticized this Monday in a statement " lack of leadership" by traffic and promotion to management of Iberpistas. "The first person responsible is company, although DGT and Fomento should have imposed ir criterion," says union.


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