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Interior will recognize victims of the 17-a attacks even if they ask for it out of time

The Ministry has 68 people affected by the attacks, 14 of them deceased

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Interior will recognize victims of the 17-a attacks even if they ask for it out of time

The Ministry of Interior will recognise victims of August 17 attacks in Catalonia to submit ir application after deadline. This was communicated by Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska in a letter to Mayor Ada Colau. It ensures that in possible cases that exceed year marked by law, a solution will be sought in which "y prime rights of affected ones above legal deadlines". Grande-Marlaska responded to letter that Colau sent him on 4 July, calling for extension of legal term, alleging that victims encounter bureaucratic problems or do not know details of process.

In total, Ministry has 68 people recognized as victims of attacks of August 17 in Catalonia, 14 of m deceased (in attack killed 16 people, but family of one of victims declined aid and anor family has not requested). The rest are considered people injured during attacks. Until July 16, Interior has managed 223 dossiers of aid and compensation, of which 106 (83 estimates) have already been resolved and 117 continue its course.

The same person can have more than one open file, for injuries and psychological help, for example. In total, 24 people affected by attacks receive psychological attention through national network of Psychologists for care of victims of terrorism. These are professionals trained to serve victims of terrorist attacks.

Interior underlines that in many cases legal term to be recognised as a victim will not end on August 17, as some of m fear, but that year of margin begin to count when injured people who are low receive discharge or when y are cons Ideren consolidated sequels.

Some of victims, toger with Unit of attention and assessment of terrorism-affected persons (UAVAT), criticize treatment y have received from Ministry of Interior. "They do not have a partner, someone to go to," says Robert Manrique, advisor to UAVAT, victim of Hipercor attack by ETA and representative for years of victims of terrorism. Today, UAVAT serves 77 families. Manrique complains about most emotional neglect: "A call, a visit or a WhatsApp".

Interior emphasizes that in all se months families have been visited in ir homes and a coordination work has been done with victims who are abroad. Following attack, Sonia Ramos, general Director of support for victims of terrorism, along with a team of five people moved to Barcelona. A Victim Support office was installed in government delegation, which was active on 22 August 29. There were victims and ir families, as well as consulate staff, with information on care issues and assistance in submitting application for compensation.

10 of fatalities of attacks were foreign, and many of wounded also. That has complicated tasks to locate affected ones. Interior ensures that he sought his addresses through consulates and hospital centers, if y had been admitted. In this way, y obtained data from 52 people, who were sent a informing letter of aid that belonged to m as victims, as well as of possibility of person in cause that instructs national hearing. To all those who returned to ir country of origin, y were offered payment of rapies that do not cover ir sanitary systems.

Manrique argues that rule should be changed and that a victim of an attack could prove at any time that it is. "Why should y prescribe rights of victims?" he criticizes. And denounces that re has been no "proactivity" by ministry to find many of victims, which divides into three categories: first-degree relatives of dead, direct injuries "of which no one cares about family environment", and witnesses of attacks. "People are looking for solutions and do not know where to go," he complains, and regrets that re is no care office for victims of 17-A in Catalonia. "We are experiencing situations that are traced to those of Hipercor, it seems that we have not arranged anything in direct attention," he concludes.

68 recognized victims of attacks

The Ministry of Interior has recognized 68 people as victims of August 17 attacks.

14 of 68 recognized victims are people who died in attacks (two have not wanted or requested compensation)

Interior has managed 223 records: 106 have been resolved (83 estimated) and 117 follow ir course. A person can have several files.

24 victims receive psychological care on part of Interior.

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