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Ius soli, the policy without autonomy

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Ius soli, the policy without autonomy
Therefore, law on Ius soli does not makeà. And così comes to completion for this phase, that shift of public opinion that league now immigration, fear and safety, cultivated and manured by months of preaching of parties of bulldozers, without which left knew how to oppose a different view of phenomenon, based on reality of facts, while centre of waiver to Italian tradition of solidarismo christian, and Cinquestelle reveal here, more than ever, ir nature as a hybrid political, with a posture of left, and a’s soul of right.First it is magnified by a social alarm, instead of ruling it. Then parties have been able to adapt to that climate, without rationalising it. Finally, are measures which are consequential, gregarious, with policy that waiver of each of its independent judgment, and responsibilityà compared to common sense of dominant.There are certain differences of method, language and tone, in Italian political panorama. But not c’è a real cultural difference, a’option responsible as that of Angela Merkel, to lead a’s opinion disoriented instead of chase after it, as if policy was a bundle of leaves in wind.You have to have patience to read in fear, as Ilvo Diamanti. Is new figure of ’era. Born with all evidence from phase transition that we are living in a well-più large of phenomenon of migration: an economic crisis that is; a tunnel to cross, hoping to remain unscad, but a social agent that modifies paths of individual and collective, hierarchies, even feelings of new jealousy of welfare), deforming expectations of future. A crisis of work più long financial storm, which for first time produces on top and bottom in generations a real social exclusion, experienced as l’unusual mutilation of citizenship.Terrorism ideologizza religion bringing ritual murders in heart of’Europe. A gap between global scale of emergencies and instrument of national policy, l’only that citizen knows and to which it is accustomed to contact. With inevitable result of a crisis of democracy that leave uncovered non-guaranteed, by producing a vacuum in representation, solitude of republic, secession of individual in ’elsewhere, which is a popular place, but imagination of policy.All of this is summed up in feeling afraid of losing control of world, lack of any government phenomena. Is a feeling by end d’era, when you lose confidence in story, we live hypnotized by evil in world, you reject knowledge and you reject jurisdiction becauseé we prefer l’artificial with real and you choose instinctively reò that è harmful, as said Nietzsche, re she is seduced by motives without an end, in a climate of precarietà community, twilight political and civil forfeiture easily inhabited by modern monsters like phobia of vaccines, or by old nightmares come back, as bomb.It is precisely merger between l’anxiety and primordial fear of contemporary generates feeling that is coming less same conception of progress, that is, attempt to control future of world, to exceed limit adjusted, supreme ambition of modernityà, bet constant of democracy. As if we become aware of whole l’scaffold cultural, institutional, political, and diplomatic invented to protect complex system in which we live doesn't protect us più, becauseé mechanism is idle. Democratic rule is not enough in itself.Of course, lack of policy has an obvious consequence in social. The first effect of ’weakening of government è l’authorisation spontaneous to think of each one to itself, all free. You are making prophecy of Thatcher on companyà that does not exist, but not through l’affirmation of ’individual, bensì with lack of any spontaneous bond of responsibilityà general, from which is born l’last form of solitude, with State and citizen indifferent l’all’anor like an old couple in crisis, with all passion spent. Everyone is alone on his piece of fate, exclusively with individual. In più rich, for first time può do less of poor, who in meantime is; già to become something’s or pending definition, becauseé è finished out of social scale, from a stand-alone share d’horizon that held toger winners and losers.At end, under our eyes it is changing very concept of freedomà, which privatizes in a new social selfishness: y are not free as y are in full exercise of my rights as a citizen, but on contrary, are free simply becauseé freed from every social duty, by any kind of bond with or, from any perspective in common, to which each può to move with his forces, his merits and his fortune, but knowing not to be alone.C’è no wonder that l’waves of migration, delay of multicultural Italian, l’geographic exposure of our Country, l’indifference of ’Europe, have addressed to most desperate people in boats this feeling lost, transforming it immediately into resentment? Fear tried to find a target capable of summarize l’an indescribable and l’shameful, cumulandoli. The “foreign”, visitor, different are già più times at centre of ideological constructions, social lies, instincts transformed into policy. In this case, person is reduced to body, body reduced in overall dimensions, l’footprint reduced in number, work to perfection. Everything becomes symbolic, ghost social nightmare politician. The concrete form of phenomenon, its governabilità on a european scale and also on a national scale, do not count più nothing. Not doing politics on migrants, but on ir symbolic projection, surplus-value produced by fear.&It is clear that fears, policy must respond, but restoring correct proportions to this phenomenon, hunting down ghosts with realityà. And left has to do it first, if it is true what we say for a long time and today certifies Diamonds, and whatè l’anxiety grows in areas più weak in Country and in parts of more fragile of population, with migrants perceived as a threat mainly by those who have a low-level d’education (26 percent of “fear” in più of one who has a high level)and probably by those who live only in small towns, maybe not è never released from confines of Village and is a world turned upside down in gardens below house, without tools to master it, without construction of a context where you place it and without più hope of ruling it.The fear, l’insecurity is not necessarily a factor of order of public: often se cases arise from fear of breakage of wire community of shared experience, which is enough to make you feel risospinto margins in your house, dispossessed, jealous of panorama of civic usual, references in consolidated, of deposit of a common tradition: a small tear in history of home. On this disorientation you have to bend down, pick it up, find key of a path to get out of it, emancipating last but one, from fear of past.This is way not to leave to right words of ’order and security, which are all, in a democratic State. The left has a duty in più, becauseé you must connect m to concept of solidarityà and integration, which comes from its history, and responds to its nature. Hold toger legalityà solidarityà, order and integration è l’only concrete way to ensure really security and to fight fear. It is also best way to protect civilisationà Italian of our fars and our mors, and relied on ridiculous. Becauseé was built with se simple tools, not with a bulldozer.


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