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J. J. Abrams will direct and write Episode IX of 'Star Wars'

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J. J. Abrams will direct and write Episode IX of 'Star Wars'

The director of 'The awakening of force' takes over reins of series after a conflict with latest release

Good news from far off galaxy. J. J. Abrams, man who managed to bring back magic and proper direction to The war of galaxies at its seventh delivery, The awakening of force, it will again be at controls of vast machinery of galactic to ninth part after departure of Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World. Abrams will write script along with Chris Terrio, man who took an Oscar for Argo for best adapted screenplay.

as Well as confirmed president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, in a statement. "With The awakening of force, J. J. (Abrams) gave us everything we could have wanted, and for that I am very excited with his return to finish this trilogy".

Several sources claim that Kennedy was directly responsible for dismissal of Trevorrow due to conflicts with script. Apparently, film director and friend Steven Spielberg didn't like constant changes and tried to modify it. There came a point in relationship with Kennedy became unsustainable and had to leave project.

it is Not first filmmaker who falls in relation to renewed exploitation of factory-born by George Lucas. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, makers of titles such as Lego movie or Infiltrators in class, lost your job to front of tape dedicated to Han Solo by a similar conflict with Kennedy. Apparently, duo of directors wanted to give it a tint much more comical than what is planned by production company.

With Abrams, of time, history has been radically different. is The criticisms of his interpretation of franchise in seventh edition were unanimously positive, developing new characters in a perfect symbiosis with classics, played by Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Abrams managed to lay foundations for future. His hand came talents such as Adam Driver, by successor of Darth Vader, and british Daisy Ridley; or ambitious John Boyega; in addition to brilliance of Oscar Isaac to complete a diverse cast and well-balanced.

The result was a real roar at box office. Now it is film that has most raised of franchise, first in US and third party of all times, after Avatar and Titanic, both James Cameron. total left 780 million dollars of benefits after joining more than 2,000 millions in world.

Even so, Abrams, who had many doubts before accepting initial offer from Kennedy to direct seventh, made it to a side and preferred to watch show from position of executive producer. Gave him post of eighth delivery, The last Jedi, to Rian Johnson, who will premiere his film December 15 and that time it will not repeat experience.

The next, as with Abrams to front, process will begin production in January with may 24, 2019 as target date of premiere. The expectation, now more than ever, returns to be monumental.


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