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Junqueras and the ERC's ex-advisors abide by the 155 and omit the unilateral pathway in a written before the supreme

The independenceists are firmly committed to acting on the avenues of dialogue and negotiation in the future

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Junqueras and the ERC's ex-advisors abide by the 155 and omit the unilateral pathway in a written before the supreme

The Vice-President of Generalitat of Catalonia Oriol Junqueras and or ERC's exadvisors imprisoned since last November 2 have sent a written letter to Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena in which y request ir release and say abide by Application of article 155 of Constitution, although y say that y do not renounce ir political convictions, but y will defend m by " ways of dialogue and negotiation".

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"My constituents accepted and accepted application of article 155 in terms that Senate authorized and approved Council of Ministers," letter notes. "They have done it from deepest political and legal discrepancy." They consider that this article does not allow in any case to cease members of Government, nor to appropriate functions of presidency of Generalitat nor to block activity of Parlament, but have decided to abide by its application and to challenge it by channels Jurisdictionally opportune, "he adds."

The defense of Junqueras, Romeva, Mundó and Bassa points out, however, that se "do not renounce ir political convictions, that y pass (as y have always defended) by an unwavering commitment to principles of non-violence and democracy, because y understand that "They are legitimate and that Constitution expressly protects ir right to m." And y allege that Constitution itself "protects political dissident within its principles of tolerance to peaceful political discourse, even when that discourse is disturbing or shocking."

In brief presented to new instructor of cause by rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public flows in which are imputed former members of Govern, defense of Junqueras, Raül Romeva, Carles Mundó and Dolors Bassa ensures that all "accepted and They accept application of article 155 from deepest political and legal discrepancy "and that y" do not renounce defending ir political convictions by strictly peaceful and democratic ways and will work with aim of reaching an agreement that allows to put In hands of citizenry decision on political future of Catalonia.

Indeed, exadvisors recall that "none currently occupies positions of institutional power that allow m to make decisions that are likely to generate a risk of criminal recurrence", and in case that "in future" y will have a public office again "They are firmly committed to channeling ir actions through dialogue and negotiation."

The national hearing will review release on Monday

The national audience has set for next Monday view of resources against prison of Catalan Exvice President Oriol Junqueras and or seven sealers imprisoned since November 2, after Supreme Court has taken case against m.

According to legal sources, second section of Criminal Court of national audience is planning to deliberate on that day appeal resources, since so far defences have not withdrawn m, so y continue ir course in court.

However, defenses of exconsellers and leaders of sovereigntists entities imprisoned by order of national audience, those known as "Jordis", and whose cause now assumes Supreme Court, announced yesterday that today y will present a written Before High Court to ask to be summoned re to declare again as investigated in order to recover provisional freedom.


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