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Junqueras, Forn and ' The Jordis ' will remain in provisional prison without bail

The judge dictates imprisonment with bail of 100,000 euros for the other six ex-consellers

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Junqueras, Forn and ' The Jordis ' will remain in provisional prison without bail

Oriol Junqueras, number one of ERC list for Catalan elections of 21-D, will not be able to campaign out of prison.  Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena has decided that Junqueras ( Exvice president of Generalitat), Joaquim Forn (internal advisor) and Presidents of ANC and Òmnium (Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart) will remain in unconditional prison. The instructor of case has issued imprisonment on bail of 100,000 euros for or six ex-advisors to whom national audience sent to prison (Raül Romeva, Carles Mundó, Dolors Bassa, Meritxell Borràs, Josep Rull and Jordi Turull). Once deposited, magistrate imposes weekly appearances in Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia or court or Tribunal of your convenience, prohibition of leaving country and withdrawal of passport. The magistrate warns m that failure to comply with any of obligations imposed would lead to his immediate imprisonment.

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In his car, Llarena analyses legal requirements to maintain prison measure, which in this particular case has focused especially on risk of leakage and that of criminal recurrence. In relation to risk of leakage, magistrate dismisses him and, contrary to criterion of Prosecutor, considers that situation of EXCONSELLRS and leaders of ANC and Omnium is similar to that which I appreciated in case of members of parliamentary Bureau. According to judge, role in alleged crime of rebellion of four Independetistas leaders he holds in prison is similar to that of Carme Forcadell, so re is no more risk of escape than was seen in chamber president. In addition, four have deep personal, labor and social entrenchment, as well as willingness to attend to judicial appeals that have been completed so far.

However, Llarena does see in m a higher risk of criminal recurrence. The magistrate distinguishes between actions of members of Parlament's Bureau, "whose contribution was limited to disregard of how many judicial decisions had been issued", and performance of eight exadvisors and presidents of ANC and Òmnium, in which judge It appreciates a reasonable trial of risk of criminal recurrence, by "harmfulness" which can accompany to reiteration of its contributions. The judge individualized proceedings of defendants and, in case of Junqueras, Forn, Sanchez and Cuixart, understands that "ir contributions are directly linked to a violent explosion which, of reiterating, does not leave room for correction or satisfaction to "Those who see mselves reached by it." In this sense, he recalls several violent actions such as "siege" by tens of thousands of people to a judicial commission that registered Catalan Ministry of Economy in Barcelona.

The EXCONSELLRS declared on Friday before Judge Pablo Llarena of Supreme Court, after this grouped causes by rebellion, sedition and embezzlement that instructed national audience. The defendants repeated to judge arguments y already defended in writings presented a few days before in supreme and prosecution maintained ir request to retain 10 defendants in unconditional prison awaiting trial.

The 10 bet on pursuing independence from "dialogue" and without resorting to or encouraging violence. Romeva, to questions of his lawyer, pleaded for a referendum agreed with state, while Forn and Borràs were more explicit in renouncing unilateral independence, according to sources consulted. The Vice-President Junqueras and Romeva, both from ERC, refused to answer questions of prosecutor's office.

The Jordis entered prison in Madrid of Soto del Real on 16 October. The leaders of civil society of Independence were charged with a crime of sedition for allegedly directing and encouraging masses on 20 and 21 September to prevent, without achieving it, to carry out Operation Anubis. The members of Govern who are not in Brussels sleep in prison ( women, in Alcalá Meco and men in "Destreme") since November 2.


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