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Junqueras gives for made independence

The Govern and the deputies of Junts PEL do gather to try to close ranks around the declaration of secession

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Junqueras gives for made independence

Junqueras assured Associated Press Agency (AP) that y will work "to build Republic." "We understand that re is a democratic mandate to establish it," he said in reference to result of illegal referendum on October 1. The interview took place on a journey that meant a real rollercoaster for independence. Puigdemont quoted at seven in afternoon at Palau de la Generalitat to his advisors, members of parliamentary group Junts PEL Yes, representatives of municipality and Expresident Artur Mas. At same time, 1,200 people gared in Plaza de Sant Jaume in Catalan capital to reject a possible call for elections, according to urban guard.

The long conclave of Palau, which has lasted in total seven hours, has finished without definitive conclusions and this Thursday Carles Puigdemont will continue contacts in hours prior to celebration of plenary. None of leaders who participated in long session wanted to make public statements and have left Palau by car or on foot scattered through different doors. Counselor Santi Vila, whose chief of press has denied for second time in three days that he had submitted resignation, has simply said: "It has gone well ( meeting), as usual." Marta Pascal, coordinator of PDeCAT, has abounded: "Understand that we can not say anything". Junts PEL If he is in favour of lifting suspension of Declaration of Independence without a call for elections. Many Members have perception that central government's decision to apply 155 is, whatever y do, irrevocable. Members of Government of PDeCAT resist however that elections are not convened. ERC and CUP are openly inclined to lift suspension of declaration.

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  • Puigdemont will not go to Senate neir tomorrow nor Friday

The cohesion between parties and separatist entities began to fracture two weeks ago, following declaration and freezing of independence made by Puigdemont in Parlament, appealing to need for international mediation. The CUP, Catalan National Assembly and Òmnium accepted hibernation of mandate of referendum and gave a vote of confidence to president, not without showing his doubts. Arrufat, spokesman for anti-capitalist party, accepted that trust was "touched" after last minute agreement on declaration of secession was changed.

The seams of cohesion were tightened even more when a possible electoral advancement was put on table in response to intervention of autonomous competitions in constitution to compel Generalitat to return to legality. The mediation plan gave very scarce or null fruit, beyond criticisms to executive for police charges of October 1. Until n, differences within Govern could be overtaken, but everything changed on Tuesday night, when Puigdemont ended up profiling declaration of independence.

Portes Obertes del Catalanisme asks for elections

Portes Obertes del Catalanisme, entity that defends a third way between immobilism of PP and proclamation of Independence, asks Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to renounce unilateral declaration of Independence (DUI) and summon Elections. According to association, this would be a way of avoiding application of article 155, "unforeseeable consequences" for "self-government and State of autonomy and that could aggravate even more social, political and economic fracture that occurs in Catalonia". Portes Obertes calls on political parties and entities to dialogue, to "recover normalcy" and to work to improve self-government.

The communiqué is signed by former members of city, Josep López de Lerma and Jordi Casas, work director of town Ignasi Farreres, mayor of trade representative of town Lluís Alegre, first secretary of PSC Pere Navarro, exacting socialist of Barcelona Jordi Hereu, former deputy of ICV Ramon Espasa, ex-MP of PP in Congress Jordi de Juan, past director of Catalunya Ràdio Félix Riera or philologist Joan Corominas, among ors.

The differences between partisans and counterparts to that unilateral measure have been accentuated. The boundaries between parties are being erased and leaders of both PDeCAT and ERC advise Puigdemont to discard such a statement. They believe that this will be possible at least to minimise impact of article 155. This formula would also allow to attract party of Ada Colau or even PSC and to fulfill anor of mandates that PDeCAT gave to president in past National Council of formation: to defend Catalan institutions.

In background, re is also some pragmatism. It is not that government's independences have ceased to be, but that y consider a unilateral declaration counter-productive if it cannot have immediate effects — Generalitat is not technically prepared for independence — and it also puts its drivers To justice. There is also debate within Republicans wher in present circumstances it is very difficult to exercise sovereignty. Those who express this way remember that no international actor will recognise an independent Catalonia as a result of a referendum held without guarantees.

There are voices that believe that elections, combined with a declaration of symbolic independence, but without legal effects, would allow to find a way out. This formula was defended by business counselor, Santi Vila, of PDeCAT, who rejects declaration as only option.

The position of this counselor, who has traditionally defended a warmer independence, had late yesterday to Govern brink of a crisis of first level. Vila has not formally resigned, but his resignation was discounted in offices of Generalitat if decision of Puigdemont is unilateral declaration of independence. Or advisers who have expressed reservations on that pathway are from ERC. It is case of Carles Mundó (justice), although his continuity was not last night in question Mundó wrote on Twitter: "My commitment to Govern is unmistakable."

"We will not waste time"

The last thing that can be allowed now Puigdemont is a government crisis. The cracks in cohesion of Govern was also a fundamental factor so that Puigdemont decided not to go to Senate today to expose its allegations against application of article 155, which will refer to high house in writing. The Generalitat's explanation, however, was anor. The Puigdemont himself wrote in Instagram: "We will not waste time with those who have already decided to raze self-government of Catalonia." We. CatalanRepublic "

The parliamentary group of Junts PEL did yesterday a meeting of nearly three hours in which it closed rows on option of Uniletaral declaration. In event that a vote is reached, it could be artícular through plenary motions, reports àngels Piñol.

The CUP alerted Tuesday that Puigdemont had on table possibility of electoral advancement, that anticapitalists reject as a "treason" to voters of referendum. The so-called referendum Defence committees, sponsored among ors by Antisystems, convened a rally yesterday to ask that idea of autonomous elections be aborted. The platform of Farmers Assamblea PageA declared yesterday in a symbolic way independence in a dozen municipalities like Bellpuig or Sant Climent de Taüll (Lleida).


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