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Junqueras says that Rajoy has left them no choice but to declare independence

We understand that there is a democratic mandate to establish a new Republic, said vice president to Associated Press

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Junqueras says that Rajoy has left them no choice but to declare independence

The vice-president of Generalitat, Oriol Junqueras, said Wednesday to Associated Press (AP) that central government "has left no choice" to Govern that declaring independence and proclaim Catalan Republic.

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  • Puigdemont will not go to Senate neir tomorrow nor Friday
  • The independence block is stressed two days after application of 155
  • The nationalist vote (and n independence) has not moved for 18 years

Junqueras has also asserted to U.S. News agency that his party — ERC, which ran alongside PDeCAT on Junts Pel list if in last Catalan elections — "will work to build a republic." "We understand that re is a democratic mandate to establish it," he insisted on AP.

The Vice-President of Government has clarified to news agency that in his statements speaks on behalf of his party, ERC, and not in regional executive, led by Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont.

The words of Junqueras arrive two days after plenary of Senate that will presumably approve application of article 155, which allows to suspend autonomy of Catalonia. In fact, activation of this constitutional mechanism is generating in se last hours tensions in block independence, reports Camilo S. Baquero. The differences between partisans and contrary to unilateral declaration of independence grow every hour that passes within Catalan government. There have been many meetings, both inside and outside Palau de la Generalitat, to discuss desirability of proclaiming a republic that will not be recognized by any country.

This afternoon, Puigdemont has convened at 19.00 to Govern and deputies of Junts Pel Si.


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