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Junqueras suspends the sending of reports of expenses to Montoro

Finance close financial control over the expenditure of the government. Will pay directly the invoices of the autonomous community with the funds of the financing system

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Junqueras suspends the sending of reports of expenses to Montoro

Finance close financial control over expenditure of government. Will pay directly invoices of autonomous community with funds of funding system

The Generalitat has informed Ministry of Finance, through a letter, that will not send any more monthly reports of expenditure, extent to which central Executive is intended to monitor not to spend a euro to cover referendum illegal from 1 October. The vice-president and minister of Economy, Oriol Junqueras, has sent Thursday a letter to minister Cristóbal Montoro in which it notifies decision not to account for costs related to organisation of referendum. The treasury will approve tomorrow measures to increase fence on finances of Catalan Government.

Junqueras has been argued that adoption of law on autonomous region to celebrate referendum of self-determination creates a "legal regime exceptional," which is incompatible with revision of expense of Catalonia established in agreement of delegate commission for economic affairs.


  • Junqueras delivered first report on expenditure of Treasury
  • The Government also will track accounts of Catalan retroactively
  • The Government will block all expenses of government for query
The Generalitat believe that monitoring involves a political control which does not save any relation with objectives of budget stability or with purposes of state legislation in this matter". Junqueras has made it clear that it will not refer to Treasury any information about invoices of expenses of government for organization of referendum and "release and waiver to responsible of relevant obligation of submission of required information".

Government's Response

The Ministry of Finance has reacted quickly to decision of government and is ready to strengn even more financial control over Government. The ministry that directs Cristobal Montoro prepares a legal instrument that allows you to take payments from this community to account in finance system. That is to say, providers want to charge certain bills will be taken care directly by Treasury.

In this way, central Executive ensures even more destination of money from regional finances. The Council of Ministers held Friday morning to approve a battery of a measure to control costs, autonomous region, aimed to hold referendum.

Junqueras also has reminded that since 2015 already delivers a monthly report on implementation of Budget of Generalitat. "Despite disagreement between two governments on holding of referendum of self-determination of Catalonia", letter says, "we share with ministry, which presides over need to continue to work on all aspects that make reference to budgetary stability and financial of Catalonia and of Spain, in accordance with commitments with EU in relation to sustainability and stability of public finances". 

In July, Treasury launched new device in order to avoid that is to spend public money to pay for referendum. The ministry recalled n access FLA agrees “to comply with any provision develop this financing mechanism”. He also warned government of criminal consequences of violating information requirements.


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