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Junts Pel Yes and the CUP propose to initiate a constituent process to proclaim the Republic

The lawyers of Parlament refuse the admission to process of the proposal sovereignty

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Junts Pel Yes and the CUP propose to initiate a constituent process to proclaim the Republic

The groups Junts Pel Yes and CUP have presented a motion for a resolution for opening of a constituent process that "ends with drafting and approval of Constitution of Republic". The proposal, presented in Parlament to discuss and vote in session this Friday, sets a period of 15 days for Constitution of an "advisory council of constituent process" and to convene constituent elections once all phases of process have been completed. According to sources of Junts Pel Yes, text does not provide for declaration and voting of independence, although in explanatory statement it points out: "We constitute Catalan Republic, as an independent and sovereign State, of law, democratic and social", citing Statement signed by separatist deputies after plenary of 10th of October.

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The lawyers of Parlament have already refused to admit to process this proposal or any or amended that "means application, development or execution" of laws suspended by Constitutional Court, in reference to law of referendum and that of Transience. Despite report against legal Services, Bureau has accepted proposal and has assembled board of spokespersons for consideration.

The PSC, through its spokesman, Miquel Iceta, has already stated that its members will leave Hemicycle if proposal for a resolution of Junts Pel Yes and CUP is voted. Citizens and PP have joined this decision.  The Mesa del Parlament has admitted to process proposed resolution of Junts Pel Yes and CUP to urge government to deploy law of Transience and founding Catalan Republic. Shortly before, it has transpired that state Attorney-General's office provides for a complaint of a crime of rebellion against members of Bureau in event that a declaration of independence is admited, and a report of lawyers warning that it could not be processed .

. @socialistes_cat Ahir Parlava D'evitar a spectacular error. It's JxS i la CUP propost. Abandonarem l'hemicicle per no donate-Hi suport

— Miquel Iceta Llorens (@miqueliceta) 27 October 2017

The last point of text encourages city councils to "promote constituent debates from local level by promoting participation of civil society, facilitating necessary resources and spaces for proper development of citizen debate" . Fuentes de Junts Pel do assure that it is not necessary to explicitly vote on independence of Catalonia because, according to m, citizens already voted in illegal referendum on October 1. These sources insist that what is to be voted on today is "consequences" of implementation of referendum results.

For its part, SíQueEsPot group in Parlament has registered anor motion for a resolution urging house to open a Catalan constituent process which includes holding a referendum "with all guarantees" established in Code of good Practices of Venice Commission and according to state.

The PSC proposal, for its part, calls for autonomous elections and a "dialogue table" between parties to avoid application of article 155 of Constitution in Catalonia against independence challenge. This resolution of Socialists will be voted from twelve o'clock in morning in autonomous Chamber, which will also do with initiatives of or political forces. In this debate is when Junts PEL Yes and CUP could raise some resolution to declare independence of Catalonia.

As far as PSC is concerned, its proposal calls for " re-establishment of a framework for dialogue between Catalan institutions and those of whole of Spain, in a process of distension and escalation of conflict" that includes several actions. Specifically, training led by Miquel Iceta calls for executive chaired by Carles Puigdemont to recognize " full validity of constitution and Statute", as well as " independence of Catalonia has not been declared" and that it renounces "unilateral secession".

At same time, PSC proposes to convene elections to Parliament of Catalonia "from current legislation" and to paralyze application of article 155. In parallel, Socialists want to constitute "a table of dialogue between all Catalan political formations with parliamentary representation, without vetoes or exclusions, in order to redirect political situation in Catalonia". Lastly, Iceta party advocates that Puigdemont executive and central government retake ir "institutional relations" and that a "process to reform Constitution" and Catalan statute be initiated.


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