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Lindane Poisons or Porriño

As the neighbors get sick, the Galician town looks for tons of this carcinogenic pesticide discarded by a company 60 years ago

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Lindane Poisons or Porriño

Érika Oya had to leave behind his house and go to live in anor area of O Porriño (Pontevedra) to protect venom from his three-year-old girl. The remedy was instantaneous: since she fled from Lindane, little Sofia "has not returned to ER", has not had "more problems of bronchi or rashes in skin." But rest of family remained in place of or contrast, where at end of last year, during some works of sanitation, vein of highly toxic pesticide was uncovered on which y had been growing generations without suspecting it. It was to open ditch and begin to volatilize whitish dust that hibernated silently under asphalt of road for about 60 years. "The workers and neighbors ended up in hospital," says woman, "my bror started to hurt his liver; He was suddenly inflamed and so on. My mor has headaches and she bleeds from her nose every time she goes out on street. "

Urticaria, respiratory and hepatic conditions and some or ailments such as vomiting and swelling in mouth and throat were repeated among inhabitants of houses of O contrast. The ditch was closed months later, but strange symptoms that manifested almost instantaneously persist. The city council has banned drinking water from all wells and public source after proving that much of it was scandalously polluted. The mayor, Eva Garcia (PSOE), warns that it can not be used for animals or to shower. Nor eat vegetables grown in orchards that dot landscape. And while works are taking too long to channel running water, neighbors receive drinking cans and firefighters spend every two days filling in mobile home-use deposits y have installed for each home.

The Xunta will do blood tests to detect "chronic exposure" lindane under asphalt in works of sanitation of Contrastto (or Porriño).

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The results of 96 soil samples collected by environment Department in January were not yet known in three ways of or contrast to and which, according to Xunta, "will serve as basis for draft withdrawal and decontamination" at that particular point. In neighbouring town hall of Mos, a company has been commissioned in two areas "in which it is suspected that re may also be lindane".

Meanwhile, Department of Health of Galician Government "recommended closure of all wells and sources" of or contrast after analyzing waters, "Cuba itself still" of result. "We studied water of 60 homes in area, which took 108 samples of which 26 were positive," says country an official spokesperson of councils. But as long as expected works to expand municipal drinking water network to affected nucleus are not undertaken, Xunta ensures that "it will continue to carry out periodic analyses to rule out new contaminations, and also plans to take samples of Vegetables irrigated with forbidden water.

Sanitarye also carried out a telephone survey among neighbors of or contrast to first epidemiological approach. It achieved data "of 91 people" (83% of domiciles) and in view of results has decided to undertake "a broader study" to evaluate " hyposis that outbreak is due to acute exposure during work on road". At same time it will try to "characterize possible chronic exposure" during decades of coexistence with poison. For this, Xunta announces that "in coming weeks will be analytical" between neighborhood to "measure lindane levels in blood."

The production and use of Lindane Report: Chronicle of a persistent and silent poisoning of environmentalists in action (May 2017) recalls that between late 1940s and early nineties in Spain, several factories left Noxious compound organochlorine as inheritance. "Some received complaints about serious environmental impact y produced, such as Bilbao Chemical, located in Ansio-Barakaldo; Nexana, in Asua-Erandio; Zeltia, in O Porriño; and Inquinones, in Sabiñánigo ", lists document. The Environmental Defense Group also cites or firms on which "re is much less information" based in Barcelona, Tarragona or Madrid. But lindane waste has also been located "in or parts of peninsula" where re were no factories such as Borobia (Soria), Capstan (Palencia), Vitoria (Álava), Viana and Igúzquiza (Navarra). The cause of se unsuspected foci is in "illegal dumping" that was perpetrated to give way out, in remote places, to huge production of waste from manufacture of cursed pesticide.

"I have an autoimmune disease of bones with no history in family. Now I wonder if cause will not be in that for 40 years in my house was used well water. " Until Xunta de Galicia carries out work of decontamination of soil that it has announced, Érika Oya, its health problems and recovered health of its daughter will continue to inhabit a flat of urban area of Torneiros, most populated district of O Porriño , a neighboring industrial municipality of Vigo. The paradox is that an indeterminate number of Torneiros buildings were built on which ecologists in action points out as one of largest lindane landfills in Spain, along with those of Sabiñánigo, in Huesca, and Barakaldo and Erandio, in Bizkaia. In Torneiros are concentrated 4,000 of 20,000 neighbors of O Porriño, and re are located several educational centers and diverse public endowments, a large leisure park and a circuit of cycle-tourism, in addition to many blocks of social houses of cream color that are They built on that which is considered "ground zero" of lindane.

Between 1948 and 1964, Galician company Zeltia synsized this commercial product of hexachlorocyclohexane, very effective as an active ingredient of insecticides of all kinds, also for human use. In 2015, World Health Organization classified it as carcinogenic and it has been found to act as endocrine disruptor. The production was very inefficient and up to 90% was discarded from most diverse forms in environment. The Antilindane platform of region of a Louriña, created at end of last year, estimates that especially in O Porriño, but also in or municipalities bordering as Mos, were thrown "at least 1,000 tons" of waste as damaging as lindane Marketable. The social houses of Torneiros, a sports space and popularly known as Parque do lindane, where children play, were founded on land that consistory had lent to chemical company as a repository of its waste.

In 90, lindane production was banned due to its toxicity and cumulative effects, and in 1999 Xunta began to investigate pollution in neighborhood where factory was also located. It acted in some areas of Torneiros by removing a large amount of contaminated land and encapsulating located to a greater depth. He also valled some suspicious plots. And that's when nightmare was settled. But finding of O Contrasto has awakened again panic to a reality that was not seen and that continued beating under ground and in tributaries of Miño: The problem of O Porriño is that "no one knows where" all lindane that was discarded those years. According to ecologists in action it passes same in anor ten provinces. Patricia Sío, member of Galician Antilindane platform, says that " company encouraged its workers to take home waste", "re were also many neighbors who asked m to throw on farm as firm, because y compacted very well", both , which for years lindane waste was employed "for public works".

Now neighbors have discovered that in recent years re have been official documents, reports between administrations and soil studies in which were alerted of high concentrations of toxic in soil and water. Already in 2012, Miño-Sil Hydrographic Confederation advised Xunta of surveys that had uncovered pollution in private farms, a football field, a sewage treatment plant and land under Atlantic Highway, AP-9. There were times when Lindane moved here and re with tractors. It is believed that re are many particular lands contaminated by ir own owners who, according to Sío, "live with terrible fear." They do not want to be discovered because "y would have to pay out of pocket remediation", most appropriate technical concept because "total decontamination is a chimera". The platform tries to investigate on its own, asks elders, with purpose of plotting one day real "map of lindane".

Eva Duarte, anor neighbor of O Contrastto, has not stepped on street again. He no longer walks dogs and leaves house by car to bring his daughters to school bus stop. Although ditch is paved and tastings made by Xunta in search of lindane "have been re-capped with Earth," she continues to notice "smell of insecticide for lice" used by Galician children of yesteryear. If you have any contact with road where Lindane appeared evil emerges in form of apparatus inflammations "all over body." Doctors achacaban him to some food intolerance. He spent weeks testing and taking antihistamines and corticosteroids until he arrived "with his mouth burst" at a hospital in Vigo: "There I was confirmed that it was a reaction to a chemical," he says, "Since n I try to be as little as possible at home."


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