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Machado's source seals the radical change between Sánchez and Torra

In a month and a half the relationship between Sanchez and Torra has gone from a total clash — the socialist called him a racist — to a new climate of dialogue and institutional respect

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Machado's source seals the radical change between Sánchez and Torra

It's only been a month and a half, but it seems like forever. Pedro Sánchez, man who invited to go for a walk through gardens of Moncloa and taught him fountain in which Antonio Machado declared his love to his lover Pilar de Valderrama, to which nicknamed Guiomar, is same as on June 21st appeared with grave tone in The PSOE's headquarters to say that president of Generalitat was a "xenophobic, a racist, Spanish Le Pen". There is no indication that Sanchez changed her mind so quickly about Torra and her writings. He has simply decided to put aside his views on president to try to make way for a dialogue. And most responsible of Generalitat also seems willing to park those blows swingeing Sanchez.

The two are especially interested in radically changing tone. When y asked Carmen Calvo if Torra had ceased to be a racist, Vice-President, who usually exparted in answers, replied laconically: "President Sanchez has received President of Generalitat. Institutionally. " That is, qualification of "racist" made it as leader of PSOE, but now left behind.

When press wanted to know if Torra had brought subject of se attacks of Sanchez during meeting at Moncloa, president also dodged answer: "I told m we had a sincere meeting, very frank. But also very nice. "

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The episode that both want to leave behind marked however only month and a half a strategic turn important for PSOE. Then, on May 21st, no one thought that Sanchez could arrive two weeks later at Moncloa. The problem of Socialists at time was that CIS and all surveys marked unstoppable rise of citizens and showed that y were snatching a part of center space and image of alternative to PP. Up to 8% vote y were ripping m off , according to CIS.

So Sanchez took advantage of controversial choice of Torra and publication of his swingeing articles, in which he called "Beasts with Human form" to castellanoparlantes in Catalonia, to harden his discourse. "So ultra-conservative and racist are writings of VOX [far-right party] as thought of Mr. Torra," The PSOE's leader claimed. It placed it at level of European extreme right: "In Spain that had not happened, re had emerged a far right, a xenophobic, supremacist current, with an important institutional representation. We've got that. Torra is only a racist in front of Generalitat. It is neir more nor less than Le Pen of Spanish politics. "

"I am not a racist," Torra replied immediately, insisting that his words had been taken out of context. It hurt him especially comparison with Vox. "In my family fascism has done us much harm and I cannot accept this insult in any way," he cried. Everything was apparently forgotten yesterday, or at least parked.

The PSOE's strategic turn in those days was very applauded internally. But it was or times, especially among public opinion. "We continue to think that solution is plurinationality and constitutional reform, but it is clear that society does not bet right now by se moderate tones," y argued in environment of Sanchez at that time. "It is not time for nuances, we are in thick brush, we must be clear or citizens eat us," sentenced a deputy loyal to leader.

Sanchez appeased with that hardness any internal criticism. The historical party, very skeptical of him, supported him seamlessly since he opted to support Rajoy with application of 155. Torra and her valeer, Carles Puigdemont, also seemed comfortable facing block PP-PSOE, n very solid against criticism of citizens. But a month and a half later, both Sánchez and Torra seem comfortable in opposite place, dialogue. They both convey feeling that this new climate is what most Spaniards and Catalans want. No one seems interested for time being to increase a tension that could lead to an electoral advancement.


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