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Management of teachers: the severe report of the Court of Auditors

Working time, training ... the recommendations of the Cambon Street magistrates are highly confrontational.

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Management of teachers: the severe report of the Court of Auditors
Can management of teachers be reformed? Which minister will take risk of affecting ir status, working time or transfer system? By publishing, on Wednesday, 4 October, a second report on this subject – After that of 2013 – Court of Auditors again denounces management of teachers marked by "Immobilism", "rigidities", "uniformity". The balance of reforms carried out by left over last five years is severe – y "have not allowed for a profound transformation in management of professors". Hence title of this report: "Managing teachers differently: a reform that remains to be done".

Worse, for magistrates of Rue Cambon, previous quinquennium has all of a "missed opportunity". Between 2012 and 2017, 54 000 posts were created in national education, new allowances were paid, remuneration and careers were revalued, payroll increased by 7.5%. And all that "no counterparts" asked of teachers in terms of organisation and working time. "The state has not taken advantage of this important budgetary effort to carry out structural reforms," y deplore.

If financial court insists on management of 875 000 professors, it is firstly because payroll y represent is first budget of state. "Managing teachers differently" is an issue of good management of public spending. But it is also, according to court, an "essential lever" to improve results of school system. It remains that its 13 recommendations address highly confrontational issues, prompt to raise opposition from High school majority union.

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Annualize Working time

If left has set out to dust off decrees of 1950 on missions of teachers, occupation remains defined by a number of hours of course to be ensured per week: Eighteen hours for a certified, fifteen hours for an aggregate. As in 2013, Court of Auditors pleads for it to be defined in number of hours to be performed over year. This "annualized" service would include hours of course, but also missions carried out in classroom (projects, trainings, etc.).

This new definition of trade could allow, according to court, to adapt to needs of students who fluctuate over months, to reduce loss of school hours at end of year due to exams, which is not compensated, today, by more hours in Beginning of year. It would finally have effect of improving replacement of absent teachers, while only "5-20%" of short-term absences are replaced in secondary school (77% in primary), report says.

Teaching several disciplines

Anor sensitive subject, "Bivalence". The teaching of two subjects by professors is one of avenues mentioned by Court of Auditors to reform profession. In fact, it exists in history-geography, Physics-chemistry or French, often coupled with Latin and Greek.

For court, it needs to be strengned in order to improve transition between CM2 and 6e (it thus pleads for a "versatility" of teachers in 6th grade, on model of primary), and to facilitate exchange of service between first and second degrees : A college teacher could, for example, come to nearby school for hours or be temporarily detached.

Change recruiting in PTA

The tendency to assign novice teachers to difficult jobs has been "accentuated", deplores Court of Auditors – despite measures taken in 2014 to improve attractiveness of priority education institutions. According to court, share of new incumbents assigned to deemed difficult establishments increased from 20% to 23.6% between 2011 and 2016.

In question, a system of transfer of teachers which allows older ones – at head of a high point capital, accumulated by seniority, professional and family situation, etc. – to choose ir assignment. As a result, in priority education, young novice teachers are over-represented, as are contractual ones.

Can premium of 3 000 euros in PTA promised by Emmanuel Macron during campaign be able to overcome this obstacle? The head of State has made a commitment that no teacher of less than three years of seniority will be assigned to se areas. The court gives it a method of giving heads of establishment power to choose ir own personnel, on basis of ir will and ir adherence to project. Voluntary teachers postuleraient on "special-profile posts", thus escaping national movement for mutations. This device already exists, but at margin.

Professional training

The recovery, in 2013, of a year of alternate training is an "undeniable advancement", Court of Auditors considers. The fact remains that "our country professional its teachers belatedly [from master], compared to or major developed countries," she laments.

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As for continuing education, it remains "poorly developed" and used primarily as a vector to move reforms from above rar than to meet needs. The inspection-on average every 5 years and which is used to determine career advancement-is hardly more conducive to accompaniment of teachers, nor does management of human resources, whose court denounces, once again, "weakness".


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