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Marlaska supports a transfer to prisons in Catalonia of the prisoners politicians if the judge authorizes it

Iceta defends probation for independence leaders until sentencing occurs

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Marlaska supports a transfer to prisons in Catalonia of the prisoners politicians if the judge authorizes it

The Minister of Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has supported this Thursday that former councillors and leaders of sovereignty process are transferred to prisons of Catalonia, if Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena authorizes it. "When re is a possibility that re will be five or six months in which a person will not be required to be judicially requested, and whenever judge's authorization is granted, a transfer can be assessed that will help an easier personal life," he said.

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In statements to Onda Cero, Grande-Marlaska has recalled that penitentiary institutions and Ministry of Interior only decide directly on transfer of prisoners when re is sentence, and this is not case of Oriol Junqueras and or leaders Independentists prosecuted and imprisoned provisionally, awaiting trial, for crimes of rebellion, sedition or embezzlement. "When y are provisional prisoners are at disposal of judiciary, so y are in prisons close to where judicial body is because tomorrow y can cite to testify, notify something personally and can not make transfers overnight with 600 Miles away, " minister argued, rejecting that today decision on excouncilers is his responsibility.

It has also considered that "it could and should be assessed" a transfer to Catalan prisons of independence leaders who are in provisional prison to facilitate ir family life, but "whenever judge stated that re is no inconvenience."


At same time, first Secretary of PSC, Miquel Iceta, has ensured to see with good eyes that provisional freedom can be decreed for independence leaders who are in Madrid's prisons once case has been completed. In any case, Iceta has recalled that margin of maneuver of government of Pedro Sanchez is limited and that final decision is made by judges. "Why is end of instruction and even trial cannot be decreed of provisional freedom? I believe that it is an option that people concerned should apply and that judges should value. The decision at end is yours, "he said in an interview this Wednesday night at 8TV.

Iceta has reiterated its criticism of preventive prison to which Catalan excouncillors and leaders of independence organizations are subjected. "Pre-trial detention must be an exceptional case and in this case we do not see it," he pointed out in an interview this Thursday in Catalunya Ràdio. The socialist leader has abounded in case of some of advisors who have even abandoned policy or have shown that y are not going to escape abroad. "A person who has come forward to testify and who have renounced everything, it is seen that it will not see criminal reiteration," Iceta has influenced, in reference to risk of escape or criminal reiteration are one of arguments that has wielded judge of Supreme Pablo Llar Ena to maintain remand.

The leader of Catalan Socialists has defended that politicians can be kept in prisons in Madrid during phase of instruction of cause, which has already finished since Llarena already issued in March indictment against m, a step that closes FA It's research. Now re's no need for this processing self to be firm. For duration of trial and sentencing, Iceta considers that y could be put on probation. "Now we go into different phases, so those affected could ask for a transfer," he added.

However, Iceta has remarked that weight of decision lies with judges. "The government can use some mechanisms, but making clear its respect for judicial independence." and has assured that executive has power of decision on transfer of prisoners only at time when sentence is being fulfilled, once re is a sentence.


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