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Married snuggles to Feijóo and promises a PP ' macron ' and ' without complexes '

Criticizes that the crisis has "diluted" the "identity signs" of the party and claims a "Spain of the family" with "less bureaucracy and taxes"

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Married snuggles to Feijóo and promises a PP ' macron ' and ' without complexes '

"Less bureaucracy and taxes", citizen security, "linguistic freedom" and "Vindication of memory of victims of ETA". Pablo Casado has started this Saturday in Galicia his campaign to become president of PP citing se principles as axes of his idea and offering to lead "Spain of Family" and " balconies." In his liberal address to militancy, in a small and overflowing auditorium of popular headquarters of a Coruña with Alberto Núñez Feijóo to his Vera and those present sweating by lack of air conditioning, has promised a party "without complexes" , to recover "identity signs" that, in ir view, have been "diluted" with economic crisis. "Recession to him, who is chief of majority and it gives you luck!", he has shouted in Galician a spontaneous, adhered to anor affiliate who wore some espadrilles with flag of Spain.

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Married has no trouble following advice. In addition to addressing Feijóo to ensure that if you win Congress of succession of Mariano Rajoy, he "will be wherever, when and how you want," Deputy Secretary of communication of party founded by Manuel Fraga has proclaimed his intention to convert PP Nacional in "a party renewed, hopeful, winner and United" as Feijóo: "For me it is a personal and political imperative for future of Galicia but also Spain."

In a day that will also take you to Lugo, Pontevedra and Ourense and with open research to his master in university Rey Juan Carlos, married has been presented as a "person of provinces" to which "no one has given anything." He has thanked popular militancy that "has given face" during escalation of corruption scandals that have hit party, reduced for him to "cases of former companions who betrayed acronym" of PP, and asked for a "renewal of ideas, not of age" for Recovering "several million lost votes" and curbing onslaught of citizens on ir electorate. "My candidacy does not like to left, left does not want to win this Congress because y know that I will face without complexes against what y propose," he said in asking press for his master.

The Loas of married to Feijóo have led him even to establish a parallel between Galician president and anor of his referents, president of France, Emmanuel Macron. The most responsible of Xunta, says Casado, "is giving great importance to issues that are not being talked about in Spain", like "Fourth industrial Revolution" or "new forms of education". "Feijóo flies over short term," he riveted.

These praises have not ripped Galician president an explicit support for candidacy of married. Feijóo has already announced that it will only be decanted, if possible, by one of candidates after vote of militancy, and has warned that will try to "accompany" all candidates who recale in Galicia to campaign, but as long as it allows ir "agenda" in The Xunta. Of married has emphasized that "it is not debatable that it wants party and is trustworthy". The meeting of both with Militancy Coruña has closed anor spontaneous: "We can have many things, but gentlemen like you have not given birth!".


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