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Married starts its frontal opposition to Sanchez with the veto to the deficit target

Married tries to entrench itself in the Senate, where it has absolute majority, and to hinder any measure of the party which Les evicted de La Moncloa

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Married starts its frontal opposition to Sanchez with the veto to the deficit target

"Right now what is needed in Spain is not a budgetary expansion because previous budgets were sufficiently expansive," said Casado in Onda Cero. The PP will use its absolute majority in Senate to veto spending ceiling, which Government intended to rise in 5 billion, until 125,064,000,000, and to block new public deficit targets agreed by Minister Nadia Calviño with authorities Community. The new timetable for deficit reduction is less demanding than one drawn by Mariano Rajoy and would, according to executive's plans, increase spending and grant budgetary margin for autonomous Communities, about 2.5 billion euros more.

The government of Mariano Rajoy made several times, in its eight years of mandate, changes in budgetary objectives to have to make fewer cuts; It received, on occasion, support of PSOE, and in ors, anger of autonomous communities governed by PP, like Madrid, which did not agree with measure. The decision of popular, to veto new objectives of deficit that was intended to carry out executive of Pedro Sanchez is, above all, a declaration of intentions: PP will make a frontal opposition to any measure that comes from politician who evicted m of Moncloa.

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The decision, after motion of censure, to present amendments to its own general budgets of State in Senate, already anticipated will of PP to hinder as much as possible legislative activity of a government that only has two years to put in March your measurements. The fact that Autonomous Communities governed by PP voted against new deficit targets that ler allowed to spend more was in same line.

Daniel Calle, economist behind married program, says that raising spending ceiling and softening deficit, as Government intended, "can be a major obstacle to recovery. The previous budgets already increased spending. It's a deal of money with or people's money. They want to raise taxes on job creators and on top of it, borrow more. " The Economist, who worked in London as an investment fund manager, finds no resemblance between expenditure ceiling rises made by Government of PP and one that was now intended to do PSOE. "The policy of PP was to maintain social spending and generate greater economic growth. This is first time I have seen a proposal that seeks to increase overhead of spending above what had already been increased and not for a lack of funds, and all that with a brutal tax hike. The communities should not be satisfied. " In fact, spending ceiling, which marks maximum commitments that can be afforded by ministries, remains less than about 4 billion euros to 2015, when it ruled PP.

Conditions budgets

José Carlos Díez, an economist who has collaborated with PSOE, doubts economic ideas of Casado and his team. "The tax-lowering policies that he promised during his campaign to be a leader of PP, in income tax and societies, are a point of GDP."

The criticisms of PP on new budgetary objectives also make it clear to European Commission that it has given approval of new path of fiscal consolidation. Brussels accepts that Spain spends more because, in return, it has pledged to raise taxes. President Sanchez confirmed last week in Congress that he works on an increase in corporate tax, so that large companies pay a minimum of 15%. Although nominal rate is 25%, Spanish multinationals benefit from legal loopholes to lower up to about 9% ir tax bill. In addition, Sanchez promised a tax for technology and banks. These tax hikes will accompany budgets. To approve m, from October onwards, government will have to squeeze into parliamentary bargaining.

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