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Mass demonstration in Barcelona by the unit of Spain

Participants take the Votarem slogan to celebrate the call for elections

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Mass demonstration in Barcelona by the unit of Spain

"We are all Catalonia!" has been slogan chosen by Societat Civil Catalana for call for a demonstration this Sunday in Barcelona in defense of unit of Spain. The march, in which more than one million people have participated, according to organization, and 300,000, according to Urban Guard, has counted on support of citizens, PSC and PP and has finished with interventions of former Minister of Socialist Josep Borrell, former minister of Exteriors of PP, Josep Piqué (by videoconference), and Paco Frutos, former secretary general of PCE, who has pointed out himself as "Botifler": "Let me use language of Adversary." I'm a botifler. A traitor against racism you are creating, "he said referring to independenceists." "The real botiflers are you because face people without motive and you cargáis freedom of those who do not think like you."

"I'm here because our dignity is being able to vote for what we want." Mr Junqueras, you are an absolute totalitarian, said Josep Borrell. "We will vote, but not as vultures who eat a corpse, but as citizens who know that ir vote depends on future of a country," he added by celebrating electoral call. "If re were independence, many of you would go to unemployment." "But if that's not going to happen it's thanks to 155," he added.

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Hundreds of thousands of people already filled Paseo de Gràcia in Barcelona half an hour before demonstration convened by Societat Civil Catalana. Hundreds of Spanish flags have shared stage with cries of "Votarem", "Spain, United, will never be defeated" and very Korean "Puigdemont, to prison". "155. The party is over" and "more bridges and less walls", he also prayed in several posters present in concentration, which have been attended by members of main constitutionalist parties.

At head of demonstration and after banner with slogan "We Are all Catalonia!" For coexistence, Seny has positioned Minister of Health, Dolors Montserrat, leader of CFP, Xavier Garcia Albiol, president of citizens, Albert Rivera, and leader in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas, as well as first Secretary of PSC, Miquel Iceta, toger with Or socialist leaders. The former minister of Interior Jorge Fernandez Díaz has also attended meeting.

On video, statements by Miquel Iceta and Albert Rivera. Atlas

In Paseo de Gràcia with deputation and on route to Gran Via-all full of citizens-you could see numerous Spanish flags, but also Catalan and European, and re have been chants of "Viva Spain", "Viva Cataluña", "neir amnesty nor forgiveness", "coupes a Prison "," TV3, manipulator "or" We Are all Catalonia ".

The socialist Miquel Iceta has referred to fact that neir Carles Puigdemont nor Oriol Junqueras have complied with his destitution as president and vice-president of Generalitat. "Puigdemont is already former president, as is Montilla or more," he assured.

Rivera has ensured that Catalans who defend democratic laws, coexistence and Union with rest of Spaniards and of Europe "not only we will fill streets" but also " urns" next December 21. "We will go out to win," added Inés Arrimadas. In same sense, government delegate in Catalonia, Enric Millo, said that elections on December 21 are a "great opportunity for everyone to be able to say ir opinion freely and democratically" and return Self-Government and autonomic institutions to whole of Catalans.


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