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Mastella acquitted after nine years: "I do Not have feelings republic of south ossetian"

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Mastella acquitted after nine years: "I do Not have feelings republic of south ossetian"
"I hope that our painful servant for Country. I am not a martyr, but one of many. And I do not have feelings republic of south ossetian. Forò, it should be clear that a justice slow is a burden on Country's Gdp". Così mayor of Benevento Clemente Mastella all'after judgment of acquittal in trial that, in 2008, forced him to resign from minister of Justice."But Prodi government did not fall for that reason, bensì, becauseé he had not più majority," says Mastella, ensuring that you won't candiderà to Poiitiche: " Rest to be mayor of Benevento. Policy forò asks to review law Severino, defined as "stupid, unworthy and shameful. An abomination of democracy. And here we are not defending thieves or scoundrels, it is necessary to establish a policy. I was sentenced I was to be suspended, without più majority". Mastella asks for 'apology' of us Department of State. "Three years ago I was rejected only becauseé I was a suspect". Mastella: "The fake news" that I fall of Prodi government no longer stands" Share   The mayor of Benevento and a former minister, before meeting journalists, è went to thank Madonna delle Grazie in Benevento, which dedicated to a candle. "I Had made a vow," he explains, "and I also said"."On web - it has explained, l'ex-minister of justice - were circulating false news or inaccurate on my process. And it' as if United States had been a condemned, when in reality I was simply investigated. And when I contacted l'embassy, I was advised not to leave because" y would not have done to land l'plane". Lady Mastella: "we Need to reflect on situation of justice in Italy" Share   "For se reasons, he continued, Mastella - I want Wikipedia to gates what is written in my page, orwise will not hesitateò to take legal action against those who spread false news on internet. I have been acquitted, this is given. I'm tired of those who spread fake news about his court case, letting me pass as grandson of Belzebù". Mastella is moved: "terrible Times" Share   One of its lawyers, Alfonso Furgiuele, highlights how l'former president of Campania, Antonio Bassolino, that in 'assumption of power of attorney neapolitan would have been recipient of pressures of your House for some appointments at top of sanità bell, "not è never been included in lists of texts in a pm and never heard in preliminary stage, after that he had declared to press that re'was extortion by Mastella"


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