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Milan, crowns of flowers of the Town for the fallen of the Csr: occurs on the Pna

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Milan, crowns of flowers of the Town for the fallen of the Csr: occurs on the Pna
"And it' an indecent proposal, mayor Hall, rejects immediately". Still, Field 10 of cemetery. Still a'onorificienza that divides. Still controversy. After proposal is from'department of Carmela Rough to bring, for reasons of "human, pietà," on occasion of upcoming November 2, crowns of flowers, both on Field of Glory (where are buried remains of more than 3,500 fallen of Liberation struggle), both on Field 10 where giaccionio cadui of Csr - putting m on same plane - l'Anpi rebels against Palazzo Marino. "The Municipality of Milano, Cityà medal'Gold of Resistance, not può be super partes," says Roberto Cenati. "We have più times mentioned that death makes all equal, but in life fighters for freedom; fought against l'nazi oppression, while ĺ guy collaborated with nazi-fascists in a complaint, in catch, in shooting of partisans, political opponents, jews, workers, protagonists of great general strike of march 1944. If y had prevailed, nazi, libertà and democracy would not have been recovered in our Country".L'Anpi asks Room to intervene and block proposal advanced by Uncouth. "And it' a'idea that re is surprising and shocking. And perhaps beats mayor Room - adds Cenati -. In November of last year mayor took a net position on crowns of flowers placed from' municipal administration in honor of fallen of Csr ( story was told by "Republic"): 's Just crowns and gifts from part of Municipality. We will review protocol, and lists of decorations you'. And now? When è arrived in proposal, Uncouth, first citizen was in Lima. It is clear that all'within executive of milanese locations, me of memory of fallen of war, are different. But tant'è. L'Anpi goes all'attack. "Remember that Field 10 of Cemetery are buried, only simple members of republic of Salò, but fascist hierarchy, such as Alessandro Pavolini, last secretary of fascist party republican, Francesco Colombo, head of legion autonomous Ettore Muti, which forò in barracks in via Rovello (n premises of Piccolo Teatro), Armando Canvas, one of lieutenants of infamous band of Koch, which had its seat in Villa Triste, fucilatori of 15 Martyrs of piazzale Loreto, Italian volunteers of SS", explains Cenati.Hard also reaction of 's Observatory on new right and left. "Put on same plane as partisans and ĺ guy is literally shameful and indecent. Nothing più that legitimacy was posthumous - reads a note -. Once again l'councilor Rough shows its ignorance and superficialità not knowing who is really buried in Field 10. Not simple soldiers enlisted from'army of Salò, but some of hundreds of volunteers in ranks of worst police units and formations of fascist who fought alongside nazis". Also l'Osservatatorio an appeal to mayor Room: "You è più times committed, so thaté l'administration put an end to gestures of non-human pietà, but of equality and of partisans who had fought toger with nazis. Rejects firmly proposal Rough". It should be remembered that on occasion of 2 November, Partisan groups and Veterans promote to be always a'initiative to field of Glory, where are buried Fighters for Freedomà."this important celebration with participation of Municipality of Milan, Commander of Garrison, Chief Rabbi, Diocese of Milan - remember l'Anpi -. The Municipality of Milan, Cityà medal'Gold of Resistance can not ograve; be impartial". The controversies seem to be destined to ignite. L's last story, sensational, that relates toò Field 10 of cemetery, dates back to 29 April: parade neo-fascist of thousand greetings to romans, a challenge against ban of police station and prefecture banned at Apple, and Loyalty; Action and presenting it to cemetery on 25th of April (as y did for six years). For that parade, re were over 70 reported by Digos, investigated by Prosecutor of Milan. The pm has called for acquittal. A decision that has done much to discuss, and that has divided political world. 


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