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Ministers will call the ' numbers two ' of the councils to know their willingness to collaborate

The holders of the Ministries trust that there is no chain of resignations as it is an intervention of the autonomy of only 50 days

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Ministers will call the ' numbers two ' of the councils to know their willingness to collaborate

The first working day of Catalan administration intervened by Government under umbrella of article 155 of Constitution arouses concern and expectation in ministers who have to take care of it. From early on, designated officials from each area of Generalitat will contact second and third levels of each department to know essential issues and ask m to carry out ir ordinary management tasks to normal The December 21st election. They don't know what y're going to find.

This Monday day will mark attitude of officials and second and third levels of each of eleven ministries that form government of Generalitat whose directors have been stopped by central government as already contained in decrees Published at dawn on Saturday, October 28th. The 140 positions ceased toger with counselors are not part of hierarchical organization, but y are eventual personnel hired by each counselor as trustworthy collaborators.

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The instructions of Mariano Rajoy, president of Government and of Vice-President and Minister of Territorial administrations, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, pass because ministers try that numbers two and three of each counseling take care of it. Let ranks run, y explain in central administration. There is no intention of presence of members of central government in Catalonia or to be seen by councils except for exceptional situations and always with utmost discretion, same sources point.

It is not intention of Government to appoint anyone in particular so that officials who take charge of each counseling will not be appointed but assume task of counselor ceased without appearing in any official way, explains government sources. Different ministers consulted corroborate that y will not appoint anyone but will now contact those responsible for counseling to tell m to do ir job normally because central government is not going to give any instruction to Change your policies. "We will ask what are most relevant issues ahead of us and ask m to comply with ir citizen service obligation," sums up a member of government.

The apparent normalcy that one wants to give to created situation does not hide that it is an exceptional situation that will begin in se first hours of Monday. They do not know if counselors will go to ir offices but it is logical that y could do to collect ir belongings as cessation occurred in early morning of Saturday.

There will be farewells of its collaborators and, refore, possible moments of tension but will live between m "since re will be no one of Madrid to replace him", explain government sources. There is no information on what former president of Generalitat will do, Carles Puigdemont.

This is pretence but government claims that it is prepared in case of a chain of resignations forcing m to make appointments. They also believe that situation can be dispar according to counseling and autonomous organisms. At meeting held this Saturday by Secretary of State for territorial, public administrations, Roberto Bermúdez de Castro, dependent on Vice-President who in turn is Minister of territorial administrations, with undersecretaries of all Ministries it became clear that central government's mission is to supervise and coordinate work of councils but not to intervene if it is not strictly necessary because law is contravened or public service is neglected. In coming hours it is possible that Bermúdez de Castro will move to Barcelona to have a meeting with whom he takes over Ministry of Governance that is his counterpart in central Administration. This is a provisional situation that will end when regional elections are held in which administration will try to make intervention as little as possible. It will all depend on attitude of officials, y recognize.

The control of Telecommunications centre of Generalitat, CTTI and of information services, CESICAT or CNI of Generalitat, are under control of Vice-President as key to avoid that boycotts or sabotage can occur in apparatus of autonomous administration.


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