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Moncloa allows senior officials of the Generalitat to be in the Puigdemont team

Elsa Artadi, right hand of the expresident, will have a dispensation to campaign before

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Moncloa allows senior officials of the Generalitat to be in the Puigdemont team

In Madrid, in Barcelona and in Brussels re is a fairly tight knowledge of support of former president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, among senior officials who continue to work in Catalan administration. Many servers of autonomic administration were ceased nothing more to enter into force application of article 155 of Constitution, 27 of October of Dawn, and or few days reafter. Some, however, maintain ir position and collaborate closely with Puigdemont, which since October 31 remains in Brussels, to where it has fled from Spanish justice with four former counselors.

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The comings and goings to Brussels, and activities of political support to former president, are part of daily life of a handful of high-ranking Catalan officials, according to government. At times it was considered that its activity could be susceptible to cessation of its position in Generalitat, but finally it was ruled out.

"They are and have been on verge of what can be assumed but have opted to not make decisions that seemed guided by a kind of witch hunt," summarized government sources.

This clarification fits with decision that was taken on Friday with Elsa Artadi, director General of interdepartmental coordination of Presidency of Generalitat, and named by Puigdemont Head of her campaign for elections of 21-d. "or to cease or better than "Take full care of campaign," government sources say, explaining that Artadi will no longer have to return to his post in administration until after electoral appointment. As a candidate for Parliament, Director General is dispensed to attend her job during two-week campaign, but central government has decided to anticipate that permit. It is only a couple of extra days, as campaign begins on night of December 5.

The direct chief of Artadi, Victor Cullell, secretary of Govern, was one who informed him of decision to follow practice of officials of Generalitat to develop all actions of his administration even if decisions were taken in Moncloa. She and or directors-general of Generalitat have long been on campaign, as members of Catalan administration itself indicate.

"Nuances are important because campaign makes whole world of all parties," indicate government sources to justify flexible attitude with collaborators of Puigdemont who are at same time employees of administration.

These are cases, detailed by Jaume Clotet, Director general of communication of Govern, and Agustí Colomines, director general of School of Public administration of Catalonia. "In ir spare time y can do whatever y want and so y take ir activities of support to Puigdemont", y indicate sources of central administration. These high positions have been in sights as much as ors that were already ceased.

Weakness or prudence? This rhetorical question is formulated by government sources directly concerned with application of article 155. And y respond that president of government, Mariano Rajoy, from outset marked a "sober, discreet and at lowest possible cost" behavior.

The first accountability will be held today by Secretary of State for Territorial administration, Roberto Bermúdez de Castro, coordinator of all action that takes place in Generalitat. Government representatives in Catalonia report that y have not made new decisions because y do not know issues. "We have to trust and we trust", y point in reference to ir interlocutors of each counseling, which are numbers two and three of each of exadvisors removed. "There has been no occupation or disembarkation [from Madrid]", y point out from government. But many cessations.

High and low

More than 25 senior officials have stopped working in Generalitat since government activated article 155. Although initial plan of Moncloa included decision to keep se workers in ir positions — unless y express opposition to intervention —, in just over a month re have been all se casualties, without executive having clarified wher it is layoffs or dimi Injury. The most affected department has been economy, which led Junqueras, followed by presidency, which depended on Puigdemont. In total, more than 200 people have left ir jobs in Catalan administration since beginning of intervention, if y add high positions, trustworthy personnel, dependents of extinguished organisms or employees of network of Catalan embassies in Abroad. Several dozen of those affected have resorted to justice.

In counterpart, Government has made public very few appointments. After replacing Josep Lluis by Ferran López as mayor of Mossos, executive has commissioned Juan Antonio Puigserver to organise 21-D elections; and has appointed, inter alia, Director-General for modernization of administration of justice; The Director-General of centres and private centres of Generalitat of Catalonia; Or President of Board of Directors of Barcelona Education Consortium.

In addition, Government has appointed a temporary office, according to Bulletin of Generalitat of Catalonia, to fill position of head of Office of Communication of Department of Interior.

The exception of offices of former presidents of Generalitat

Between end of October and beginning of November, hundreds of people who worked in Generalitat as eventually lost ir jobs when high positions y named m were ceased. According to data of Generalitat to November 7, this has not been case of five eventual integrated in offices to which y have right Pasqual Maragall, José Montilla and Artur Mas as former Catalan presidents.

Those enrolled in se organizations are paid salaries that vary from 33,846.52 euros per year to 99,337.84. The expresident Jordi Pujol renounced his office in 2014, after knowing that he kept a hidden fortune in tax havens.


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