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National Front : the speech while under-heard of Louis Aliot against Florian Philippot

The member of parliament for the Pyrénées-Orientales has panned without the appointment of the vice-president of the FN, on the occasion of his speech of September, Sunday, in his department.

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National Front : the speech while under-heard of Louis Aliot against Florian Philippot
It is not always necessary to be kremlinologue to read between lines of statements of leaders of national Front. For his speech re-entry pronounced in his department, in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque, Sunday 17 September, member of parliament for Pyrénées-Orientales Louis Aliot has launched a charge against vice-president of party Florian Philippot, but never mention his name. The companion of Marine Le Pen has just made his point clear enough for everyone to understand that is in viewfinder.

" The policy is not to strut up to tv, it is to be on field, explaining who we are, what we want, " said Mr. Aliot, while Mr. Philippot has been repeatedly accused of favouring its presence in tv studios of his work as a local implementation.

chosen in The Midi prefers, for its part, insist on virtues of patience and rooting, which is defined, on Sunday, as an activist, " ancient ", which is unit of his formation. "I've waited eight years before having a mandate," said one who adhered to FN, re are close to thirty years.

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" Rally "

The member of parliament for Pyrénées-Orientales has defended activists of his department fact that line carried by Marine Le Pen would not have been imposed by Mr Philippot, who has become advisor unofficial daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2009, and n vice-president of FN in 2012. Mr Aliot has accompanied Ms. Le Pen in his rise within party since 2002, including through association with Generations of The Pen.

" In 1995, FN fought already against negative effects of globalization. (...) It has always fought against treaties [european] scoundrels, "said Mr. Aliot, lashing out at those who say :" I brought this, I brought this. "Mr Philippot is often presented as principal architect of social discourse-du FN.

" Already, against treaty of Rome [1957], our family policy was voted against. Then against Maastricht [in 1992], and n against european constitutional treaty [in 2005], we never missed se votes against ", defended former director of cabinet of Jean-Marie Le Pen. "It is program that we're Navy, not since 2012, not since 2009, but since 2002 ".

" Our political path is neir identity nor sovereigntist, added Mr. Aliot. I ask those who are obsessed by one idea or or to pull up behind car of garing. "Florian Philippot has threatened, for his part, quit FN in case of a boggle on proposal of exiting eurozone.

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" megalos "

While criticism of Marine Le Pen are heard from all sides – this is particularly case of mayor of Béziers (Hérault), Robert Ménard, or that of Cogolin (Var), Marc-Etienne Lansade, who announced on Friday his departure from Front national, Mr Aliot has taken to combat " feeling of defeat ".

" a Few times, I have a stomach ache to hear what I hear, and see what I see ", he assured, blaming " people who are elected and who immediately pass critical without a basis, without discernment. Let us not win by a feeling of defeat, it would be a stupidity. You are never dead in politics. "

Florian Philippot is in turmoil at FN since creation, in month of may, of his own organization, The Patriots, perceived as an instrument of personal promotion. Ms. Le Pen asked him, according to multiple sources, leaving presidency of this structure. In an interview in Paris, Friday, president of far-right party has even enjoined publicly to clarify his situation. "You know, I've seen or ", she replied when daily asked her if Mr. Philippot played, according to her, " its own partition ".

In a criticism full of ambiguity on persons referred to, Louis Aliot, himself, warned : "Attention to evil, jealous, pressed, sold, megalos, to narcissistic, to all those who think y are better than or. "


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