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Olympia Shopping Center: Reviewers see amok in Munich as politically motivated

The Munich offender had traded 2016 from right-extremist motives, presuming three experts. They therefore disagree with the assessment of the investigating authorities.

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Olympia Shopping Center: Reviewers see amok in Munich as politically motivated

According to media reports, several reviewers are of opinion that rampage in Munich Olympic centre was politically motivated. This is reported by Süddeutsche Zeitung after joint research with WDR.

The Department of Democracy of city of Munich should refore have asked three experts to draw up an opinion on political background of Amok runner and to examine a possible right-wing extremist sentiment. Among experts, who have also evaluated investigation files of prosecutor's office, two social scientists are according to newspaper. The report is to be presented on Friday at Munich City Hall.

The 18-year-old David S. Had shot nine people in Munich Olympic shopping Centre on July 22nd, 2016, most of whom were victims of death of south-Eastern European roots. Then perpetrator killed himself. S. Had a migration background: His parents come from Iran. According to information from investigating authorities, he was bullied at school and was in psychiatric treatment.

That David S. had been bullied, Bavarian Ministry of Interior sees as trigger for rampage, as newspaper reports. The ministry contradicts results of experts: selection of victims may be owed "to personal but generalized enemy of former bully", writes Süddeutsche Zeitung, which refers to information from Ministry of Interior. So act was not politically motivated.

He wanted to prove himself a "real German"

However, evaluators should have come to or conclusions. One of experts is talking about legal terrorism. The selection of victims, all of whom were from immigrant families, is crucial, says newspaper report, S. did not know any of killed personally. As a result of devaluation of migrants, he wanted to prove himself a "real German", according to report. The world view and deed are quite ambivalent, but individual and political motives should not be ruled out, reviewers should have judged according to newspaper. The pupil had written a kind of manifesto in which he wrote about "foreign people" he wanted to execute.

Also date of incident is not accidental: s. Have deliberately chosen anniversary of assassination of extreme right or Behring Breivik in Norway for his deed. Breivik had a role model for 18-year-old, S. wanted to protect Munich from alienation in his eyes. That s. did not have any connections to extreme right-wing groups, according to assessment of experts, says Süddeutsche Zeitung, no evidence that he was not a terrorist.


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