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Only 21% of Catalans want to continue with the ' procés '

72% of respondents want an agreement between Generalitat and government for the "lace of Catalonia in Spain".

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Only 21% of Catalans want to continue with the ' procés '

The independence process that Artur Mas launched in 2012 and that Carles Puigdemont has tried to culminate without success takes five years to drink covers, family conversations and causing disputes between friends. And it all points out that a majority of Catalans are tired of situation. Only 21% want to continue independence process. The feeling of fatigue, in addition, reaches even many independent voters. What majority asks (72%) is to seek an agreement between Generalitat and government for "lace of Catalonia in Spain".

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The independence parties intend to move forward with process of secession that y have tried in recent years. But, unlike 2015, when Junts PEL did show up with a roadmap that set deadlines and some concrete measures, y now hide how y plan to do it. ERC is merely saying that it wants to implement Republic and Junts per Catalunya, list of Carles Puigdemont, pleads to "move from Republic of proclamation to Republic of facts".

A majority of Catalans claim not to be for work of continuing along same path. Among 72% who ask to resolve lace of Catalonia in Spain through agreement re are voters of all parties, also of independence. Up to 43% of ERC voters advocate this route, as well as 37% of Junts per Catalunya. Even in CUP re are supporters (7%) who are supporters of agreement. However, as is obvious, it is constitutionalist parties who concentrate on partisans to abandon independence process and opt for dialogue. It is requested by 97% of PSC voters and 93% of citizens. This is in line with campaign being made by both parties, focused on leaving process behind and trying to find ways to re-establish negotiation between governments, albeit from different perspectives.

Click on Economic photopessimism

Many citizens respond that page needs to be passed after a worsening of political and economic situation. Despite climate of general economic recovery that lives in Europe, and particularly Spain, 57% of those surveyed by Metroscopia considers that situation of Catalan economy is "bad" and only 35% considers it good.

The flight of more than 3,000 companies after illegal referendum on 1 October and realization of fall in economic activity makes pessimism especially over voters of constitutional parties. More than 80% of voters of citizens and PP consider present situation bad, something that also thinks 73% of PSC voters. In independence ranks, re are still a majority who think that economic situation is good, but one in three ERC or CUP voters do not see it that way.

The political climate is perceived if it is more pessimistic after Catalonia has had to deal with a third consecutive advance election, Article 155 has been applied, and four procés leaders remain in pre-trial detention. 82% of Catalans believe that political situation is "bad" compared to only 13% who consider it positive. And in this area re are no differences between parties. Wher by risk that procés go ahead or by legal situation of its leaders, both constitutionalists and independenceists are mostly pessimistic. Notable for this pessimistic view of situation are voters of citizens and PSC, while re are less discontent in Junts per Catalunya, a party that continues to defend, apart from legal arguments, that Carles Puigdemont can return from Belgium if Win election.


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