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Pablo Casado proposes to change the electoral law with a bonus for the winner in his first speech as leader

Today no one has lost, has only won the PP, said the leader of the Conservative Party

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Pablo Casado proposes to change the electoral law with a bonus for the winner in his first speech as leader

Pablo Casado has given this Saturday his first speech as president of PP. "I said it at first. If I won, no one lost. Today no one has lost, has only won PP ", said after knowing data of vote of Nineteenth Congress held by Conservative training. "Thank you, dear Soraya, for your work in front of vice presidency of Government and for this clean campaign of which we emerged stronger and more united," he added during his speech after proclaimed winner, where he also proposed to promote a reform of law Electoral to premium with a bonus of 50 deputies to winning party of general election — similar to that existing in Greece. "Without constitutional reform. And not to depend on nationalists, "he said.

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After losing in first round in front of Sáenz de Santamaría — where bases voted —, Casado has also bet this Saturday to make more "possible electoral modifications" and that mayors and regional presidents are elected double-turn. "To govern those who decide Spaniards," he insisted, after addressing Adolfo Suárez ' son and declaring himself "heir to constitutional embrace and concord that was possible" during transition.

"We are ready to return to institutions," he emphasized. It has also marked its line of action over next few months, which it has described as new "contract with Spain" of PP "to reinforce Constitution, reinforce Penal Code" and combat "secessionist challenge".

Contact with King

"I have just communicated to head of royal house your decision and our loyalty to Constitution," new leader of party has been torn apart, between applause and cries of "Viva Spain!" "We have to live up to tough times," he continued, before praising figure of former President of government, Mariano Rajoy. "I will not disappoint you," he riveted, before defining his victory as sign of "quiet and constructive renovation."

"I only ask you this. Don't ask anyone who voted. We've all voted for People's Party and you've all won, "he assured. "The PP again wants to reconquer hearts of all Spaniards after hard weeks we have had to live. We have to go back to not let m get rid of our work. We have to go back to municipalities to reconnect with society. " It has also taken opportunity to re-defend concerted education and birth policies, as well as to criticize "school indoctrination policies."

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