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Pablo Casado wins in the Congress of the PP and consume the turn to the right

The Deputy Secretary of communication is imposed in the primary of the party after adding the support of Cospedal

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Pablo Casado wins in the Congress of the PP and consume the turn to the right

Right turn. Pablo Casado (Palencia, 1981) is, since this Saturday, new president of PP and future candidate of party to Moncloa. The organization has already confirmed its victory, although definitive results of scrutiny need to be clarified. The Deputy secretary has imposed his rival, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, after adding to his candidacy candidates who did not pass first cut of primaries: María Dolores de Cospedal, José Manuel García Margallo, José Ramón García Hernández and Elio Cabanes. His victory anticipates a turn to right: during campaign, Casado has proposed measures such as returning to abortion Law of 1985 (of assumptions) and convening a specific convention on principles and values to ideologically rearm party. "We have to be everything to right of PSOE," he said in an interview to EL PAÍS. "You cannot aspire to lead party someone who is not proud of your past. I am of José María Aznar, Mariano Rajoy and Manuel Fraga, "he said today in his speech to Commissioners, after defending" without complex "conservative policies on" life and family. "

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At 37 years, Casado was chief of staff of José María Aznar for two years and Deputy Secretary of communication with Rajoy for almost three. He has managed to attract one who once appeared as Rajoy's natural heir, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, although he did not publicly demonstrate his direct support. He was candidate that Esperanza Aguirre voted "With all illusion" in first round, convinced that it meant return to origins and end of what he has diagnosed as ideological "indefinition" of PP. In short, consume victory of aznarism over Marianism, more centered, represented Sáenz de Santamaría.

He refused until last minute to join list of former Vice-president despite candidacy insisted that this attitude was to desecrate mantra of "governing list most voted", to which PP has seized to fight loss of governments m Unicipales and autonomic. When he was accused of fomenting "pacts between losers", in allusion to disqualified ones in first round, he explained that rules that had been given were to elect successor in a double turn and he wanted to play "until end" of party. He feared maneuvers of Soraya, with a somewhat larger control of party apparatus in hands of barons like Javier arenas to convince commissioners behind scenes. But he had options, as he has shown this Saturday, in a speech that raised several times to public of seats.

During campaign he was skillful and aggressive. He was first to visit Talisman, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, with whom all candidates wanted to take a picture for being favorite successor before he decided to retire at last minute. He asked for a discussion of ideas with his rival that never came to be produced: The Exvice-president believed that this public clash between companions would harm PP and organizing committee also did not show special enthusiasm for initiative. "Pride does not win Congresses, but if you lose elections," he dedicated married when he argued that "personally" it would be very good to discuss with his opponent "to contrast experience of each" but in turn refused to debate thinking about interest of party.

Married has not hesitated to show a clearly conservative ideological profile in matters such as euthanasia, abortion and family, and has emphasized again and again Antisoberanista discourse. He criticized during campaign operation Dialogue of his rival, knowing that, by extension, supposed to criticize also management of Mariano Rajoy, that this Friday claimed in his speech. He rejected that "being a woman" was "a merit" or an "electoral argument" and that is opinion that has been imposed in Congress of PP.

He owes favours to former government ministers who were positioned against his old cabinet partner (Isabel García Tejerina, José Manuel García-Margallo, José Manuel Soria, Rafael Catala, María Dolores de Cospedal, Juan Ignacio Zoido...) and campaign team Who has been dedicated to "sweeps" to know, umpire to umpire, with how many supports were counted, like Teodoro García. Married has included on your list to

He has promised to integrate from now on Sáenz de Santamaría and part of his team. But it won't be easy. As one member of his campaign said, "There have been slaughterers on both sides." The primaries have emerged fissures in PP, turned into gaps after a cross-pitched declarations. The winner has a clear objective in long term: to recover ground before strength of Pedro Sanchez in face of tight electoral calendar of coming months. But, short, goal is to sew a party that no longer seems that uniform and impregnable block of or times.

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