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Palma's audience gives five days to Urdangarin to enter prison

The husband of Infanta Cristina has the right to ask for clemency, which does not necessarily mean dodging the entry into jail. Diego Torres also has five days, like Jaume Matas, who has already entered the prison of Aranjuez

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Palma's audience gives five days to Urdangarin to enter prison

The first section of Audiencia Provincial de Palma has given this Wednesday to husband of Infanta Cristina, Iñaki Urdangarin, five days of time to enter prison that he chooses, as happens with all convicts who receive a prison sentence being in Freedom. However, Urdangarin, who was sentenced yesterday by Supreme Court to five years and 10 months in prison, has right to request clemency, which does not necessarily mean that he can avoid entry into prison. It will be audience that marks road and re is already a precedent with same case Nóos: Jaume Matas waited free for resolution of his pardon, which was denied him. The exathlete can also request amparo from Constitutional Court and request suspension of execution of sentence. Even if he does and constitutional accepts him, he usually orders imprisonment while ruling on amparo resources.

Diego Torres leaves audience. You have 5 days to get into prison Https://

— Lucía Bohórquez (@Lucia_Bohorquez) June 13, 2018

The husband of Infanta Cristina has landed in Palma from Geneva shortly before ten in morning. At airport, he has met with his lawyer, Mario Pascual Vives, who has arrived from Barcelona to accompany him in this trance. Both have reached headquarters of Provincial audience in a gray minivan past twelve and a quarter of noon.

With clear trousers and navy blue jacket, bror-in-law of Felipe VI has hurriedly left car holding shower of cries and qualifiers of "chorizo" and "thief" of dozens of citizens who, throughout morning, have been concentrating at gates of Palace of Justice awaiting his arrival. It has scarcely been five minutes inside enclosure and car has picked it up again at entrance of building. With a serious face, pale and thin, Urdangarin has launched a look at many journalists who were covering moment and has entered car to set a course for airport and leave Balearic capital.

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The one who was his partner, Diego Torres, has been early riser and has managed to dodge curious who throughout morning have been hovering around audience headquarters. At edge of nine he entered building with his lawyer, Manuel González Peeters, to collect commandment. In a dark jacket and briefcase, Torres left with a better look than Urdangarin judicial building in a taxi to airport to return to Barcelona, where he lives with his family. The court has given Torres, with a prison sentence two months less than Urdangarin, five days to enter prison, which already anticipated what was to happen next with husband of Infanta.

The first section of hearing had been quoted with Jaume Matas to appear on Wednesday between nine in morning and two in afternoon. However, Matas has saved Paseíllo by audience and has come directly to prison of Aranjuez (Madrid). At 13.45, former minister and former President of Balearic Government had already entered prison.

The husband of Christina of Bourbon met yesterday sentence at his home in Geneva, but was not seen in public. The Infanta, however, went to work at foundation of Agha Khan in an attempt to appear normal. Today he celebrates 53 years, his most bitter birthday, reports Mábel Galaz. Meanwhile, Kings keep ir official agenda today. Felipe VI visits Navarre on occasion of inauguration of 5th edition of International Congress of Architecture and society.

After sentence was known, King's House expressed his "absolute respect" to judicial independence.  It is same sentence that Palacio de la Zarzuela is employed without variations almost from beginning of case, with some exception, as when in 2013, under reign of Juan Carlos I, expressed its "surprise" by decision of Judge José Castro to Impute to Infanta Cristina , reports Miguel González.

The Supreme Court yesterday sentenced handball player to a penalty of five years and 10 months in prison for crimes of embezzlement, prevarication, fraud of administration, two tax crimes and trafficking of influences. His Expartner Torres was sentenced by court to five years and eight months for embezzlement, prevarication and fraud to administration and acquitted him of traffic of influences, laundering and falsehood, while Matas received a sentence of three years and eight months in prison for prevarication and fraud.

The audience of Palma usually offers a temporary margin of several days to defendant to choose penitentiary center. All this without prejudice to fact that, if court suspects that any of convicts may intend to evade action of justice, he could order his immediate admission into prison and his transfer from hearing to prison in Palma. It wasn't like that. So, Urdangarin has five days from now to go to prison he chooses and start serving sentence. According to penitentiary regulations, any convicted person who is at liberty can go to any prison in national territory, where he will have to be received compulsory.

Urdangarin will have to pass same procedures as common prisoners. When you enter prison, you will be recognized by medical service and will be interviewed by a team of social workers and psychologists. The new prisoners spend first night in income module and n are transferred to module y consider penitentiary specialists. Despite fact that prisoner can freely decide prison, management of center may change him from prison if he considers that chosen one is not best one to safeguard his security.

Although he will have to pick up prison warrant, husband of Infanta Cristina has right to request a pardon. Those convicted by a firm judgement may claim this measure, which is granted by King on a proposal from Ministry of Justice. However, this application does not necessarily mean dodging entry into jail. The last word to decide wher condemned person is awaiting release or not of pardon is of Provincial court, who previously has to claim reports to anti-corruption prosecutor and to particular accusation.

In same section of Provincial court that has judged case Nóos re is precedent of Matas that, after knowing ruling of Supreme Court that sentenced him to nine months in prison for trafficking of influences, requested room to suspend execution of sentence H Until his request for clemency was resolved. The anti-corruption prosecutor's office ruled in favor and hearing finally agreed to request of former minister, who remained in freedom while resolving his appeal. The pardon was denied by n government of Mariano Rajoy.

Urdangarin can also request amparo from Constitutional Court and request suspension of execution of sentence. Once constitutional decides on admission of resource one can give three situations: that it does not admit it, which increasingly rely bror-in-law of King Philip saw to prison immediately; To admit him and accept him to remain free until magistrates decide on substance of matter — which may take years — or admit it, but order imprisonment of Urdangarin while ruling on his appeal. As a general criterion, constitutional orders imprisonment while ruling on remedies of amparo when sentence exceeds five years of prison. Urdangarin's conviction exceeds this limit in 10 months.


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