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PDeCAt and ERC announce that they will be presented to the 21-D elections

The ballot boxes are always an opportunity, even if they call them Rajoy, says the Republican spokesman

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PDeCAt and ERC announce that they will be presented to the 21-D elections

The general coordinator of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, has confirmed this Monday that y will be presented to elections of December 21. Republican choice of Catalonia (ERC) will be presented to autonomous elections of December 21st. It remains to be determined wher party that leads Oriol Junqueras will go alone or in coalition with electoral appointment, but spokesman of formation, Sergi Sabrià, has been clear this Monday: "We will find way to participate in those elections because y are one more way to "Consolidate Republic and we must not miss a chance."

Sabrià has qualified application of article 155 of Constitution as "a real coup d'etat", as well as a "usurpation of power in Catalonia", but has also admitted without ambages: "Between reason and Force, Republic does not have all strength that would be" necessary. "

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In his opinion, call for elections made by President of government, Mariano Rajoy, is "a trap", because, in his opinion, he has no capacity to convene m. However, ERC member has pointed out that decision of head of Spanish executive should be dealt with. "We never assaulted ballot boxes like y did." We will defend m because we are not afraid and want to play in a terrain that is ours, he said.

The Republican spokesman has assured that electoral formula to appear to elections will be concretized in next few days and he has no predetermined ideas. "We will decide among all those who feel attacked by 155," he said, while continually asserting unity "of those who feel challenged by Republican values." Among m has included Catalunya in Comú, party leading Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona.

"The important thing is that re is unity of action, look for points of agreement," said Sabrià, who considers that Carles Puigdemont remains president of Catalan Republic despite having been ousted by government within a few hours of declaring Secession.

Beyond public statements and intentions, possibility of a joint candidacy of independence seems to be a very unlikely scenario. Oriol Junqueras reluctantly accepted electoral formula of Junts PEL Yes on September 27, 2015 and Republican Republic has been saying for months that this strategy would not repeat itself. To understand negative we must consider surveys that are carried out in Catalonia and that give to choice of victory if you held elections in Catalonia.

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