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Pedro Sanchez doubles its support to Rajoy to the illegality of the referendum

The secretary general of the PSOE argues that the error of the PP with the Estatut does not justify the drift of the illegality

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Pedro Sanchez doubles its support to Rajoy to the illegality of the referendum

The secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, was acclaimed a year in Feast of Rose that celebrates PSC in pine forest of Gavà (Barcelona), and on this occasion orilló any reference to Spain as nation of nations, or to need to recognise Catalonia as a nation. His speech before close to 20,000 members and supporters with socialists is focused on lash out against challenge separatist and show ir support for Government to try to prevent referendum convened by Carles Puigdemont, and suspended by Constitutional Court.

as you about 1 of October, and secesionismo insists on its pulse to institutions of State, PSOE reinforces position adopted makes since weeks align with Government before challenge. Beyond critique of one and or, “separatists, and separators”, as you like to say to leader of socialism Spanish to refer to pro-independence leaders and Government of PP, Sanchez insisted on its well-known prescription: “Dialogue, Constitution reform and more autonomy for Catalonia”.

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“More autonomy”Iceta calls not to participate in assembly

leader of The PSC, Miquel Iceta, made this Sunday a call not to participate in October referendum, considering that it is a “mount made by pro-independence supporters, organized by pro-independence and only seeks independence”. In his opinion, “a call illegal may not have warranties”, because it is a sham that divides Catalan people by half, and in which, for example, re is vote-by-mail and has provided an electoral board without judges.

“we Need more autonomy, better funding and Spain is federal in all Catalan people feel comfortable,” said Iceta. And, for this purpose, it is necessary to sit down and negotiate, “putting counter to zero”. The sis of leader of PSC is that it is not enough to invoke law to solution of problem of Catalonia and you can't expect judges and prosecutors to resolve situation. If you don't, “ 2 of October, we will be like now,” he said.


The PSOE considers it as an achievement to have led PP to show your support to create a study commission of territorial model in Congress promoted by socialists and y think that in Catalan question has to continue adding support to party of Mariano Rajoy. “This is No time for reproaches or) of flags, it is time of common sense, of reasonableness, of people rar than parties and solutions, rar than of ideologies”, said Sanchez.

The side of this hand out, socialist leader also avoided to take a look back and remember performance that had PP for account of Estatut that voted for catalans and that led to Constitutional Court. The secretary general of PSOE insisted that one remedy, which resulted in judgment of 2010 which cut text, it was an error from various sectors, including Catalan socialism, is seen as beginning of a social unrest that he knew how to take advantage of secesionismo to construct his discourse.

Sanchez wanted to mark a distance with this sis. “It was a mistake that Rajoy tried to reach Moncloa-based face territories with judgment of Estatut, but that mistake can never justify drift of illegality,” he said, in reference to mule's independence.

At anor time, secretary general of PSOE went back on that idea of turning a page to situation of Catalan. “We're not going to pay for PP with same currency you paid to us when we were in Government, which is facing territories”, he added.

For leader of socialists, president of Government must sit down and negotiate to find a political solution and by that downplayed sentence handed down on Friday in Barcelona by Rajoy, when he warned pro-independence: “We going to be forced to do what you don't want to do.” Sanchez gave it back with a game of words: “Do what you have to do because he has not done what it should, which is to talk, to dialogue and find a political solution”.

refore, insisted that if president of Government take that step, PSOE will offer ir support, “honest and loyal”, before and after referendum unilaterally. “It is not true that Constitution is untouchable. You can move forward in way federal because Catalonia and Spain require”, apostilló Sanchez, who recalled that he pronounces same reasoning in all parts of Spain.

Sanchez had words of appreciation for mayors and councillors of PSC “that are enduring a campaign of harassment” by refusing to collaborate with referendum. “We never lowered head,” he insisted, before paraphrase president of chile, Salvador Allende, and to predict that sooner than later will open in Catalonia, a space of dialogue and reconciliation. Wanted to make clear ir recognition and explicit support and asked m to resist to campaign of pressure to which y are subjected to cede local power to vote. “You are best of match. Resist in defence of legality to insults and coercion”, he added.

in Front of address of pro-independence on 1st October it is an act to exercise democracy, socialist leader insisted that conditions in which you are going to hold referendum don't hold up to that comparison: “democracy is much more than putting polls: no census, with polls hidden, print ballots at home. What y call democracy and not it es”, remachó, throwing hand in his last sentence of one of slogans that y chanted indignados of 15-M.


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