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Pedro Sánchez will convene territorial leaders to find a common position

The federal Political Council will debate and be heard about the crisis in Catalonia

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Pedro Sánchez will convene territorial leaders to find a common position

Pedro Sánchez will listen to regional presidents and territorial leaders of PSOE before making a decision on measures to be taken before insurrection in Catalonia. The Secretary General has decided to convene Federal Political Council, territorial organ of party, to consult situation, according to sources of direction to country.

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The organ, chaired by President of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, will be summoned when resolutions that are produced by Generalitat or by Government of state are known.

That is, when a unilateral declaration of independence is adopted, if it is produced, or as soon as executive of Mariano Rajoy puts on table measures he intends to adopt to "secure constitutional order", as King requested on Tuesday in his speech Before nation. Thus, Sánchez will share with territorial leaders of party decision on possible application of article 155 of Constitution, National Security Act, or state of alarm, exception or siege in Catalonia, among or measures that government shuffles .

The final decision will be given to Directorate, se sources indicate, but it will take into account debate in Federal Political Council, which is called, as indicated by executive's interlocutors, because situation in Catalonia and response to crisis affects State of Autonomy. The foresight of Sánchez's management was to convene this organ for first time when Autonomic Congress processes concluded, but state crisis forces it to overtake it.

It will be occasion n, point in direction, to listen to all territorial leaders in ir positions on role of PSOE in Catalan crisis. Precisely one of last decisions of Secretary-General, reproach of Vice-President of government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, as "political responsible" of police charges, has caused discomfort in several federations and in a sector of group Socialist parliamentarian, whose critique is that y believe that it is not time to contribute to weaken bloc that is in defense of legality before secessionism in Catalonia.

The Vice-President of government Alfonso Guerra, out of all organic responsibility, was most forceful voice expressed yesterday in public of a questioning buried in party. Guerra asked Pedro Sánchez directly to backtrack on this decision. "The PSOE should withdraw petition for reprobation." "To change it by a reproach to Puigdemont, to Forcadell ...", considered historical socialist leader in a zero wave interview.

"Do putschists go out of pinks?" "Failing vice president and not putschists?" he asked. The former Deputy Secretary-General of PSOE also questioned Sánchez's proposal to request a negotiation between Rajoy and Puigdemont. Dialogue with coups? Would we have sat with Tejero? Ever, "he considered."

Without directly criticizing measure, President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, underlined yesterday importance of unity in Constitutionalist bloc before "government seditious of Generalitat". "Pedro Sánchez talks about dialogue and I absolutely agree," said Lambán. "Now, I think that first to dialogue and agree on a common response to secessionist and illegal challenge of Generalitat is constitutional parties." The first sense of relief that we must offer Spaniards is a unanimous position between us, he reasoned.

The management argues in return that it is about balancing nature of PSOE's State party with also being an alternative to conservatism, because orwise opposition is for populism.

Sánchez's team also balances tension with PSC. The first Secretary of this party, Miquel Iceta, offered yesterday mediation of Catalan socialists to avoid that re is "neir DUI nor 155", that is, neir unilateral declaration nor apply article 155 of Constitution in Catalonia.

Iceta did not question King's speech on Tuesday, but he did make relevant voices of party, such as Núria Marín, mayor of L'Hospitalet, second most populous city in Catalonia; Núria Parlón, mayor of Santa Coloma de city and member of executive of Sánchez, and Jaume Collboni, Second lieutenant of Mayor of Barcelona, who missed an appeal to dialogue. The monarch's speech was also questioned by Idoia Mendia, leader of PSE, and by Socialist Party balear.

Opinions about Catalan crisis

Alfonso Guerra, vice-president of Government of Felipe González: "The 23-F was a coup d'etat and whole society mobilized." Now y give a coup and put ir eyes on police. The putschists are going out of pinks? "Failing vice president, not putschists?" People are shocked by burdens because y are mentally still living in dictatorship. "The state only uses its legitimate force." "Who sit with Puigdemont." Would we have sat with Tejero? Ever. "

Javier Lambán, president of Aragon. "The head of state lived up to circumstances, and he was perfectly committed to constitutional mission." "I believe that first ones we have to dialogue and agree on a common response to secessionist and illegal challenge of Generalitat are constitutional parties." "The PSOE is a Spanish party, and it has been since its founding." We have to live up to circumstances. "And if re is a constitutionalist party in this country is PSOE."

Miquel Iceta, first secretary of PSC: "Neir unilateral declaration of independence nor 155, but negotiation." And if those who are to negotiate do not succeed and have to seek mediation, we will help m. "And if y want us to do it, we offer." Police action on 1 October was disproportionate and "unnecessary, because it was no longer a referendum, but a peaceful mobilization."

Susana Díaz, president of Andalusia. "I share defense of Constitution, democracy and coexistence of all Spaniards that king has made."

Idoia Mendia, general secretary of PSE, regretted that monarch lost "a great opportunity" to appeal to dialogue in Catalonia and "to send a message to thousands of Catalans who are not independence and on Sunday suffered a lot."

Francina Armengol, President Balear, does not hide his "concern" because he saw monarch "more than a moderator".


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