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Pisapia & #x3a; "In politics are for" polygamy. But with MDP it widens the tear

All'amalgi à Ravenna sparks after the words of the former mayor on d ' Alema. ERR: "For us is a resource, no step of" >06 Ekim 2017 Cuma 08:33 - 21 reads.

Pisapia & #x3a;
PIERLUIGI Bersani and Giuliano Pisapia hand was tense but merger between MDP-Article 1 and progressive field is still far away. From stage of MDP festival in Ravenna, two leaders agreed that, in case of approval of Rosatellum bis, electoral law currently under discussion in Chamber, will present, in each college, alternative candidates to Pd. The former mayor of Milan, however, does not recede from its positions on creation of unique subject of left. And he makes it clear when he says: "I am in favour of marriage, even gay, but in politics y are for polygamy." Then remember that " votes lost on left are over 3.5 million" and that "you have to put toger all those houses that want to participate in this path and you have to do it immediately".  Center, Pisapia: "Wedding left? They are for polygamy, not let " share · Sparks on d ' Alema in background, y also weighed phrases of Pisapia on d ' Alema, with invitation to "take a step on side" because "too divisual". Vasco Erranti does not hide his dissent: "D ' Alema is a resource for us and for me re is only one concept: that of step forward, not side or back". And on role of Pisapia points out: "It is our leader, but he has no white delegation, he is not boss, he does not command alone." A jab to which former mayor replies with a joke: "If I am also a divisional I can take a step on side, this evening seems to me that he has defined that leader is you". · The knots to be solvedbut true grey point remains how to put toger pieces of center to build an alliance able to collect disgruntled. For Bersani There is a maximum of one and a half months. "You start from a wide project and n we see who is not re," he proposed peremptory one of leaders of MDP. Pisapia took time, and even some away from hall formed largely by supporters of erring and Bersani, n he branded as "politicism" every discus Time, emphasizing that "it is on programme that convergences must be found". The nodes at base of project between MDP and progressive field are basically: Pisapia, as also Bersani, is convinced that you have to start from a subject that unites MDP and Cp and n see if re are contact points with left. The former mayor of Milan does not want a reduced understanding that reminds rainbow left but a new subject of center of alternative government to Pd. On contrary, Massimo d ' Alema believes that one cannot be separated from an alliance with left of Nicola Fratoianni and niche Vendola, but critics consider it as a move to climb leadership of party on strength of votes taken to policies. Pisapia is currently intent on moving forward. And its contradict or plans in case of bankruptcy: idea of a list with Emma Bonino, appearing on a newspaper, does not find confirmation in Cp. "But let us not forget-said former mayor of Milan-that our opponents are right and populists".


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