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PP and citizens accuse Sanchez of ceding to Torra

The CUP believes that the ' president ' has finished with the 1-O and Esquerra applauds the dialogue

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PP and citizens accuse Sanchez of ceding to Torra
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The new tone between government and Generalitat immediately opened space to critique of center-right opposition, which opened with this quotation a new era in which territorial policy returns to axis of opposition strategy, something that was not happening in last Time with Mariano Rajoy in presidency and Pedro Sanchez in opposition. Both PP and citizens accused president of ceding to Catalan independentists with only interest to achieve ir votes to stay at Moncloa. The hardest were Albert Rivera and Inés Arrimadas, citizens, who insisted that Sanchez should not receive Torra until "Ask forgiveness" and "return to democracy." "Sanchez has to pay his mortgage to Torra, but rent of Moncloa we do not have to pay Spaniards with this kind of humiliation," said Rivera. In PP, in middle of primary process, criticisms were also harsh. "We have not given up accounts to put a new office to Mr Puigdemont in Brussels. We owed nothing to independence and problem is that Mr. Sanchez owes everything, said Rafael Hernando, spokesman.

Meanwhile, in Catalonia, CUP accused Sanchez and Torra of trying to close "above" procés in a similar situation at beginning of transition. Vidal Aragonese, deputy of CUP, training that is now in opposition, argued that dialogue initiated between two governments is not "real" because it has no place in it neir prisoners politicians nor right to self-determination. "The path that Torra wanted to open seems to coincide more with a vision of closing up than not with respecting what people of Catalonia did on October 1 and 3, which was to open down," he said. The Catalan National Assembly and Defense Committees of Republic warned that self-determination is "indispensable".

The majority independence parties, PDeCAT and Esquerra, celebrated, by counter, return to dialogue. Sergi Pedersen, chairman of ERC Parliamentary Group, appreciated return of Bilaterality, but warned that meeting was dismissed by central executive "good words and good predisposition but no more novelty," he said in Reference to referendum.

Sabrià showed his surprise that in 2018 government denied referendum when or countries with similar conflicts, such as Canada or United Kingdom, have resolved it through ballot box. For his part, spokesman of PDeCAT, Maria Senserrich, valued that Torra put on table referendum and understood that re is not an immediate answer. So he asked Sanchez not to escude in constitution to deny it.

The first Secretary of PSC, Miquel Iceta, did not hide his satisfaction with meeting. "The meeting has come that Reclamábamos long ago and we were waiting to start a dialogue within framework of institutional normalcy," he said. However, he did not hide that substantive differences are "deep and remain". "But that does not preclude such a meeting, with sincere and profound dialogue," he said.

In that sense he warned that PSC will be "in front" of formations as citizens and CUP, "who live off conflict, and are professionals of tension and twitching, do not want negotiation."


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