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PP and PSOE prepare a tougher intervention if separatism relapse

Rajoy and Sánchez reject the frentista discourse and the xenophobic manifestations of Torra

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PP and PSOE prepare a tougher intervention if separatism relapse

The government and PSOE give almost for sure that y will have to activate for second time in Catalonia article 155 of Constitution. They will apply it "forcefully", in expression of Socialist Secretary general, Pedro Sanchez, who yesterday met at Moncloa with president of government, Mariano Rajoy. The meeting was brief, less than 50 minutes, but sufficient for both politicians to observe ir coincidence of judgement.

The two speeches of inauguration debate by President-elect of Generalitat, Mr. Barruntar, have given m necessary elements to be able to start a new process of challenge to State; For example, y point to Torra's allusion to creating power structures beyond Govern and Parlament: A Consell of Republic and an assembly of elected officials, oblivious to legality that mark Statute of Catalonia and Constitution. They do not even prejudge where illegal actions can be taken, but y do prepare to stop m through article 155.

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At meeting, Rajoy and Sánchez expressed ir worst omens. But y also showed ir concern and anger at attitude of citizen leader, Albert Rivera, who will be interviewing Rajoy tomorrow, and appealed to need for constitutional parties to stay toger if state has to face a new Secessionist challenge. Rivera found public statement after meeting of Rajoy and Sánchez insufficient and demanded that 155 not be repealed, knowing that it will necessarily cease to be in force when Govern is formed, as marked by decree agreed in October by executive Central, PSOE and citizens, according to yesterday recalled coordinator of PP, Fernando Martínez-mail.

The machinery to intervene Catalonia will start quickly, but only if re are facts that justify it, y stressed yesterday in Government and in PSOE to emergencies expressed by citizens. They spoke of facts because, for moment, re has been only declaration of intent; Both in inauguration session and yesterday at press conference of Torra and Carles Puigdemont in Berlin, which did not give list of advisers from which Government was pending in case it included imprisoned and escaped.

In a joint communiqué, PSOE and government qualified of "Frentista" political discourse of Torra and emphasized " xenophobic character of its public manifestations".

Campaign in Europe

The intense production of Torra's articles, in which xenophobic concepts are dumped on Spanish, has dismayed Rajoy and Sanchez. If new Catalan president wants to relaunch international Campaign for independence, as he explained in his inauguration, PP and PSOE have already moved terminals of ir respective European political families to counteract it. The European People's Party and European Socialist Party yesterday made public almost identical communiqués condemning new president's "racist remarks" and his hateful expressions "that do not fit into EU." For se reasons, European Socialists point out, "re is much doubt that he is a suitable person for office." In Spain, government and PSOE will act toger before "any eventual challenge" of Govern. The joint communiqué expressly quotes its rejection of any attempt by Catalan government to put in place political structures or than those contemplated in law.

"In face of any attempt at bankruptcy of constitutional order and Statute of Autonomy, social and law state will respond with firmness, serenity, proportionality and in a pacted way," Sánchez explained. "The debate is not wher [in face of se possible illegal behaviors] we have to apply 155 or not, that is a debate surpassed. The answer is yes. The question is: What article 155? "said socialist leader.

That does not mean that intervention has to be immediate. The government and PSOE will go step by step and can take or measures before to stop attempts of bankruptcy of legality in which Govern could incur. For example, in face of creation of parallel structures, such as Council of Republic and Assembly of elected officials, a first step could be to cut public funding for those agencies. In fact, executive will maintain for moment, with support of PSOE, intervention of finances of Generalitat by Ministry of Treasury, a measure that was implanted before approval of 155.

Acting in TV3

The government is trying to carry out new intervention in Catalonia if it is to be activated. The new 155 would necessarily be "of anor nature" which is now going to be withdrawn. It would no longer be for immediate call for elections, since legislature had already been held and had just started. But in addition, or aspects can be reviewed that were left out previous time, as intervention in TV3, public television, which was n opposed by PSOE. The application of this new 155 is refore more difficult.

The agreement between President and leader of opposition is firm and this time y want it to be broader, with participation also of United we can, to which y invite to join and to renounce right of self-determination for Catalonia.

Rivera insists on enlargement of 155


After meeting between Sánchez and Rajoy, Albert Rivera has again asked President of government to "rectify" and expand application of 155 despite formation of Govern. "I do not share idea of Rajoy to run from Catalonia," has sentenced leader of citizens, who will attend Moncloa next Thursday to meet with chief executive. "We're going to ask you to control accounts, which you haven't done so far," he added.

"I believe that with a racist president, who already says he is going to install Catalan Republic... we only have to apply Constitution. What we have to decide is how, in what way and on what competencies, "Rivera has apostilled, criticizing meeting this Tuesday between Rajoy and Sánchez:" We cannot leave a reunion like today. The Spaniards deserve more. On Thursday we will go to try to propose solutions and ask Rajoy to rectify. Leaving non-separatist Catalans helpless is not our solution. " "I do not share ' no action ' or ' non-agreement ' that y have taken today," president of citizens has riveted.

The PP has asked citizens, for its part, same "sense of state" that his opinion has shown Pedro Sanchez to pact with Mariano Rajoy that popular and socialist will maintain intervention of finances of Generalitat and act immediately against any Illegality committed by new Govern. "We are surprised that some speak of 155 soft, when a government was stopped that, we liked or not, had legitimacy of ballot box," said national coordinator of PP, Fernando Martínez-mail.

"The objective of meeting with Sánchez and Rivera is that majority who supported 155 is maintained, remains in force and is even reinforced," Martinez-Mailo said, referring to concern that has caused inauguration of investiture of Mr. Torra. "Today we can say with satisfaction that two major parties are united in response to independence challenge and to our European partners. We recognize sense of state of PSOE, "he added. And he's finished, "I'd be surprised if Mr. Rivera had hit unit. I hope that from here to Thursday, move from those thick words [today] to a minimum agreement, to put aside criticism, think less of votes, and think more in general interest. It doesn't fit a 155 preventative, it's not in constitution. "


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