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PP strikes Back and sows doubts about the financing of citizens

The popular, in full battle with Rivera, carry the accounts of his investiture partner to the Senate

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PP strikes Back and sows doubts about the financing of citizens

Every Thursday until Easter, PP, from Senate, supervise accounts of rest of parties. of entry will dedicate this and next to monographic sessions on citizens. In his last report, Court of Auditors did not give approval of income and expenses of party of Albert Rivera, which has given wings to people's Group for questioning and asking for explanations. "Citizens must explain multiple accounting falsehoods detected," says Senator Luis Aznar, appointed by Dome of PP as spokesperson for investigation of accounts of rest of formations.

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His, PP, is already investigated in Congress and creation of this commission in upper house is retort to initiative of ors to investigate only popular. From Senate, PP with its absolute majority exerts alone investigation on ors, since rest of spokesmen have refused to be part of that commission. This take and DACA has been altered with report of Court of Auditors on citizens. On basis of this text, PP calls for second time citizen Treasurer, Carlos Cuadrado, to respond to court's assessments "that are contradictory to statements he made in Commission," justifies Aznar. In dome of PP recognize that y did not expect to meet this official negative information for party of Albert Rivera and that y will make most of it. The popular ones have established on 15th and 22nd of this month to examine ir investiture partner with presence of interlocutors in which y seek to know "all unknown that re is in finances of citizens", indicate sources of PP.

This Thursday will pass by Commission, for example, Carlos José Delgado Pulido, author of book Albert Rivera is a lizard of V, for whom " PP is late if he wants, with se sessions, cut wings of citizens." "Two years ago we knew this information and did not use it because I needed it," this Union councillor for Leganés — local training that collaborated with Europeans of 2014 with citizens — is pointed out, before anticipating that, among or matters, he will relate to Senators " Dark episode "of European elections of 2009, when Rivera allied with Libertas and" obtained financing of an Irish tycoon ".

Before that he will pass by Commission Inmaculada Sánchez, President of Platform for Citizen Guarantees (PGC's), a grouping of former affiliates; And lawyer Alberto Ganga, who signed complaint filed with anti-corruption prosecutor for alleged illegal financing of citizens. All opposed to Rivera's address for a variety of reasons. "From municipal and regional groups, y diverted a game to a training account in Madrid," says this lawyer, who will not hesitate to say this on Thursday in commission.

Two councillors from Court of Auditors will appear at next Thursday's meeting for report prepared by this body and n citizens ' treasurer to confront information of counsellors with ir assessments.

From citizens, in full battle with popular, situation is experienced with discomfort and respond with hard line taken since Catalan elections on 21 December. "It is a new sample of nervousness of PP, not only by polls, but also by judicial winter that is leading, with accusations from one anor," replicate sources of citizens ' dome. "It is strategy of fan with which it always responds to its scandals of corruption and instead of departing its imputed, to regenerate itself, to collaborate with justice and to take measures to end this scourge, tries to Fangar", add se same sources, before Referring to leaders of Conservative Party immersed in cases of corruption and that se days "parade [before courts], recognize bites in black and irregular financing", referring to statements of imputed of last weeks, both in Valencia as in Madrid.

"Open channel" accounts

In fact, although PP denies all illegal funding, popular recognize that its accounts are "open in channel." But, refore, y will not cease to defend mselves against attacks of or parties that, as y repeat in rows of PP, y must be investigated.

An advance has taken place this Tuesday at congress in appearance of President of Court of Auditors, Ramón Álvarez de Miranda, to explain his latest report on accounting of parties. Citizens was only one of four main forces that did not pass exam. "When [ reports] affect you, y are reduced to mere administrative errors," said popular Juan Bravo, who added: "Did citizens end up having irregularities in ir management? Don't drag your feet anymore. Who will assume responsibility and resign? Rivera should, "said popular deputy, paraphrasing requests for resignation that citizens formulate to PP.


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