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Providers of the government would have to certify that they do not help the referendum

The guardianship economic in Catalonia will last until the situation of risk for the general interest , according to the BOE

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Providers of the government would have to certify that they do not help the referendum

The guardianship economic in Catalonia will last until situation of risk for general interest , according to BOE

The providers of Generalitat of Catalonia will also be under magnifying glass of Government to prevent that is to hold referendum on independence suspended by Constitutional Court. The Official State Bulletin (BOE) published today, Saturday, more details of control system designed by Ministry of Finance and that, among or things, suggests to individuals or legal entities that deliver goods or provide services to Catalan Government that, along with billing invoice, certifying that its activity "has no connection with funding of illegal activities or contrary to decisions of courts."

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The minister Cristóbal Montoro explained yesterday, Friday, after Council of Ministers, central Executive shall be responsible for payment of essential services and payroll of government from now on. That is to say, instead of sending to Catalonia, 1,400 million euros on a monthly basis will correspond within funding to meet its obligations, Treasury will pay directly from your fund expense of core services: education, health, social services and payroll of public workers. This intervention of de facto autonomous government comes into force from publication in official gazette. 

The petition of certification to providers of government form part of overall idea of Treasury of link also to private actors in control to avoid referendum. The provision also sets out that, in event that re is doubt about wher a good or service has a "connection with activities that are contrary to decisions of courts", communicated to ministry and attach documentation to prove it.

Likewise, financial institutions are obliged to notify Prosecutor or to Sepblac ( Commission on Prevention of money Laundering and Monetary Offences) any payment order or transfer contracted services by government "in connection with illegal activities".

The Council of Ministers shall approve debt

layout of The Newsletter is eight pages, of which almost six correspond to statement of reasons. The rest exposes battery of seven measures with which State takes over reins of finance catalans to avoid allocation of public resources to defray preparations for or holding of referendum for independence scheduled to take place October 1.

In first place, calls on president of Generalitat, which it takes 48 hours an agreement of non-availability of budget, list of expenses that are not basic services that need to deal with this year. The treasury will decide what to pay, after evaluating that you do not have any connection with referendum. Social expenditures and payroll (about 1,400 million monthly) will be paid directly from coffers of ministry, after government sends you a relationship and also indicate that y will not spend public funds with vote suspended by Constitutional Court.

Finally, Montoro also regulates operations of borrowing short-term from Catalan Government. These movements will require now prior permission of Council of Ministers. The Generalitat even have to explain how you spent 250 million euros from ir taxes of ir own, as Inheritance or Heritage.

The text justifies method of control, that Montoro has described as "novel", because latest decisions of Government regarding not to send weekly reports on spending "are actions that pose an unprecedented worsening".  Treasury considers that "it is hurting confidence on financial situation of Catalonia and are elements that could negatively impact image of stability of economic situation in whole of Spain". 

The secretary of Economy of Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, called yesterday, Friday, of "illegal" new system of Montoro and alleged that central Government seeks "to apply article 155 by back door". The ministry remember in your agreement when making a request for access to Fund Liquidity, Autonomic, in 2012, Catalonia is committed to comply with any provision develop this financing mechanism". Is this, n, is perch legal entity through which State articulates all device control.

Treasury leaves term of agreement completely open. According to arrangement of BOE, it will keep application "until situation of risk for general interest in Autonomous Community of Catalonia".


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