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PSC and citizens struggle for constitutional vote in the final stretch

Miquel Iceta replied yesterday to Albert Rivera for the first time calling him "Democrat of rubbish"

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PSC and citizens struggle for constitutional vote in the final stretch

Citizens and PSC have pursued different strategies to achieve that electorate that is still being debated between one ballot and anor and that discards option of a PP living in Catalonia its lower hours. The Orange Party's argument for winning constitutional vote is to appeal to Catalans coming from immigration and to warn that PSC could re-edit tripartite with Esquerra Republican and Commons. Meanwhile, PSC tries to right citizens and claims to be only one who can achieve reconciliation between Catalans.

"The PSC is unreliable," repeated Albert Rivera at each rally, and this Sunday insisted on this sis at Central Rally campaign, while reminding alliances of Socialists with Esquerra during tripartite (2003-2010), reports Jesús García . "We have been played many times," Rivera said in event that brought toger about five thousand people in L'Hospitalet, same number of sympathizers precisely that Socialists achieved on same day. The president of citizens called undecided to go to ballot box and, in particular, those who "doubt between citizens and PSC." If y vote for PSC, "he added," They don't know where ir vote is going but no one doubts that a vote to citizens is used to stop procés. "

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Iceta raised tone against citizens for first time in its central campaign rally in Barcelona with presence of Pedro Sánchez, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Josep Borrell, in which he described Rivera as "a" Democrat of rubbish "for saying that not to vote citizens was Throw vote. The leader of PSC insists that "never" will "president or president of Generalitat to an independentist" and does not enter melee in rallies, in search of a presidential image, but do those who accompany him. Pedro Sánchez tries to turn right to citizens and in all his campaign acts he qualifies him as " PP Orange half". The mayor of L'Hospitalet, Núria Marín, referred yesterday in same line to " Lords of right of PP and citizens, Albiol and Arrimadas".

Citizens and PSC struggle for voter concentrated in metropolitan area of Barcelona on 21-D and need to increase 74.95% share of 2015, which helps explain 25 deputies who placed Arrimadas as leader of opposition in Catalonia. Rivera's party specifically targets electorate born outside Catalonia, while PSC is also looking for moderate catalanism, and hence its pact with old United.

More than 55% of Catalans are of far or mor born outside of Catalonia, according to CIS, and to m Arrimadas made a direct questioning. "They have tried to break a heart in which three flags fit. I can fit Andalusian flag, and I know many of you too, "said candidate, born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1981. The PSC evades distinction of Catalan by origin and appeals to build an integrative Catalonia. In fact, socialist José Montilla, born in Iznájar (Córdoba), reached presidency of Generalitat.

The electoral dispute is clear because both parties know that an important group of electorate doubts between two formations. According to a Metroscopia survey for country, 17% of PSC voters in 2015 elections intended to vote for citizens on 21 December, while 9% of orange formation voters said y would vote for PSC.

Beyond personal references in rallies, Iceta insists that it is not enough to say no to independence and replace "one monologue for anor." The reconciliation between Catalans is one of his most repeated messages and in that line has come to declare himself a supporter of pardoning independence leaders if y are condemned, although he admitted after that his proposal was "premature".


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