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Puigdemont agreed with Rovira to support his inauguration as president of the Generalitat

The agreement includes the vote of a parliamentary table with a majority of independence

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Puigdemont agreed with Rovira to support his inauguration as president of the Generalitat
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Carles Puigdemont, candidate of Junts per Catalunya, and Marta Rovira, number two of ERC, have reached an agreement this Tuesday night at a dinner in Brussels that includes support of Esquerra to investiture of Puigdemont as president of Generalitat and vote of a To Parliament's table with an independence majority, as RAC1 has advanced.

Sources of ERC Explain that Puigdemont proposes a telematic investiture (via Skype) or a speech read by someone else. The Republicans claim that y will study legally " viability" of proposal. What is ruled out is to boycott chamber's constitution session and work for a table with an independence majority.

The Constitution of table of Parliament is set for next Wednesday 17 January, n it will appoint presidency of this body, responsible for regulating functioning of Catalan Parliament and with a fundamental role in organization of Investiture, For which re is no date yet, although deadline for first ballot expires on 31 October.

Puigdemont assured this Tuesday through a videoconference that "it is not possible to return to Catalonia", so formula chosen has to contemplate absence of former president, fled in Belgium since 31 October.

The agreement between Junts per Catalunya and ERC arrives after a day of resignations in which Artur Mas left presidency of PdCat and Carles Mundó's, an advisor of Catalan justice, also announced that he left POLÍTÍCA. ERC sought in Mundó's an alternative to Junqueras and had become one of its main assets.

Also yesterday, members of candidacy of Junts per Catalunya presented to Chamber credentials of Electoral board certifying status of elect Carles Puigdemont. To complete procedure it is only necessary to present document certifying that it will be fulfilled with Constitution and its declaration of goods.


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